Often called the San Francisco of Europe, this city in Portugal has much more to offer than just the visual similarity to the city of the Golden Gate bridge. Here in Lisbon, history meets culture, reverie, creativity and street art. An uprising, open-minded city with its very own beauties and possibilities, which is definitely worth a visit. Come with us on our #awalkthrough Lisbon.

cover photo: isropa_nl

You can not deny the similarity – that is one of the reasons why Lisbon is called the San Francisco of Europe. But compared to the bigger sister, the 25 de Abril bridge is approximately 30 years younger and a little bit smaller but not less impressive. inesmarqueslucas made an idyllic capture of it.

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Typical for the south – the red roof tiles. The particular about Lisbon – the pastel coloured tones of the buildings. The view over the roofs of the city by mathieunay lets us imagining the delicate play of colours of the city.

A token of the city – the tram. Lisbon has a lot and the particular about them is that they are already quite old – most are from the 1930s – and it always feels like a small travel back to the past – especially the routes through the narrow alleyways of the historical city center are a highlight. fmalatocorreia captured a typical street scape in the Baixa district.

If you take a ride with the tram, you definitely also should not miss the chance to drive with one of the three funicolares. They help to climb up the hills of Lisbon easily and quickly when you are not in the mood to walk up. sardinesplease absolutely caught the right moment for this snapshot.

The city scape truly can be a photographic feast for the eyes. Besides all the pastel coloured houses it is very typical for Lisbon to have tiled house frontages – you can find tiles, so called Azulejos, in all kind of imaginable colours and forms. susannajin gives a nice and minimalistic insight into this kind of architecture.

Aesthetics and design definitely is a passion for the people of Lisbon. In every street you can find incredible fronts of the houses, just like etheldreda_knight shows us in this photograph.

Creativity is not only to find on the frontages of the houses, no, in Lisbon whole pavements and squares are designed with interesting structures made out of cobbles, like this almost psychedelic appearing ground at the Don Pedro IV sqaure in Rossio district, captured by fotositius.

You want to enjoy the view over the top of the city but you are not in the mood to walk up to one of the amazing viewing platforms, the so called Miradouros, on the hills of Lisbon? Then the Elevador de Santa Justa with its viewing platform and café on top might be the perfect option for you. hpmoellers photographed the building from this bottom view.

If you are interested in landscape architecture, the city also has some sights to offer. The Parque Eduardo VII is the biggest urban park of Lisbon and always worth a walk through. From the upper part of the park you have a nice view on Lisbon down to the Tejo river. Thanks to this symmetric photo by heliaste47 we can imagine what joy this view might be.

Admirers of architecture for sure should visit the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, a monastery. Here, Portuguese late Gothic meets Renaissance with a fascinating limestone frontage. rturlon shows us a part of the inner garden of the 300m long building.

Just around the corner you should not miss to try out one of the world-famous delicacies of Lisbon – the Pastéis de Belém, an egg tart pastry. A culinary enjoyment and a must on every visitation of Lisbon. The picture of worldctzn_ creates a strong appetite for these small treats.

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And if you are anyway already in Belém, you should visit the Padrão dos Descobrimentos – the monument of discoveries – on the riverside of the Tejo, just like eliasso91 did.

If you continue strolling along the waterside promenade, like gabboserra, you will reach one of the most known landmarks of the city – the Belém tower which represents the the significant role Portugal played in the maritime discoveries of the era of the Age of Discoveries.

On the side streets, aside from the touristic corners, you sometimes can enjoy idyllic moments without a mass of people around. amanda.sdb enjoys the calmness while having a walk among the pastel coloured houses.

Because Lisbon is built on seven hills, stairs of course also belong to the typical cityscape, espcially in the district of Alfama. Most of the people use the trams or a Tuk-Tuk taxi, so the stairs often are deserted or just a few souls are to find who enjoy the shadow in the heat of the day. wouterbrouwers made this nice photograph.

Streetart is a very big thing in Lisbon – practically the whole city is like a huge open air gallery for streetart. You can find this kind of art at nearly every corner and building and the city offers a lot of possibilities and acceptance towards it. Fans of streetart definitely have to go to Lisbon – it is a must! kassi_around_the_world_ shows us one of the masterpieces you can find throughout the whole city.

At the Praça do Comércio you can stroll around the aisles of the palace buildings to hide a bit from the sun or enjoy a Portuguese coffee in one of the cafés. Also for the photographic eye the architecture has to offer nice sights, just like wolfgangduddek made use of them.

For having some rest and relaxation you can spend time at the riverside of the Praça do Comércio, listen to the soft sounds of the small waves or just take a break from the turmoil of the city. Here you can see a photo from when I visited this place as well. (more on _baunovart_)

Those who prefer it very calm, remote and like the view of bridges can visit the Vasco da Gama bridge – one of the longest in the world – in the east of the city to enjoy the sight of this masterpiece of structures. instantesemviagem chose a perfect time at dawn to capture this atmospheric shot.

This view, captured by franciscotorrado31 and shared by airbnb_lisbon definitely is a proper end of our tour through Lisbon. Here the day can come to a perfect finish with a glass of good Portuguese wine.

We hope you enjoyed our little tour through Lisbon and maybe we made you interested in planning your next city trip to Lisbon instead of anywhere else. The city is definitely worth a visit. And furthermore, stay tuned for our next #awalkthrough.