Pickmotion x Lifesmyle
Lifesmyle is a young, original shop at Friedrichsstraße in Berlin (complete adress at the end). Together with Lomography our monthly Give Away in August is a pretty camera to shoot analogue photography!

What`s the concept of your store, what do you want to show?

“Our motto is: Design that makes your day!
Lifesmyle is a name that tells what we offer: products for daily use that are all different in a special way. New, funny, stylish are the words which describe our sortiment well. As our motto: Everything in the shop should keep a smile on the faces of our custumers – this is the reason why they are perfect as witty, extraordinary presents for good friends. Besides, we have also pure gift items, also artsy-funny. We improve our assortment almost daily to reach our own high aspirations. For example we also work together with artists and companies from Berlin and all over the world. We want to offer products that are not easy to find everywhere and paint a smyle on our costumers’ faces.”

How do you think you fit to Pickmotion? How did you find us?

“We work together with companies from Berlin and our love for photography is very strong. So, we organize Photowalks (walk with a smyle) since August and offer analogue cameras and gadgets made by Lomography. We found Pickmotion while we were looking for interesting regional products that fit in our stylish concept. Pickmotion unites photography with super pretty motives and is a great match to Lifesmyle.”

What`s different in your shop? How do you connect art and culture?

“We sell products for daily use and presents – but no standard things that you can buy everywhere. Through long cooperation with different artists and companies we built a worldwide network to offer always new and special products at the store. In addition we organize exhibitions with young artists from Berlin all the time, do photo tours (walk with a smyle) and are always on the hunt for an extra-rush to give our costumers.”


Why do you especially like Pickmotion?

“Pickmotion is a cool, young company with super nice products that are stylish and have top quality. The concept and design is unique and the quality of every piece – postcard, folding card or magnet – is just great! They have something for everyone.”

Website von Lifesmyle 

Friedrichstraße 133 | 10117 Berlin