It’s time again – we have a very special store for you in our monthly series #awesomeshop. This time we are in Düsseldorf at a modern oasis with soul, where you can find hand-picked and ageless everyday items and craftwork – the Selekteur Store.

What is the basic concept or your store, what you want to represent?

The purpose of Selekteur is to offer exclusively high-quality products with soul which won’t end up in the trash bin after one season. Selekteur offers timeless classics ranging from clothes and accessories, paper art, furniture to toys for kids, mainly produced in European manufactures. The team of Selekteur set itself the goal to establish premium products with character in the retail sector of Düsseldorf. Already beforehand we devote ourselves to the research of the products and we choose only that ones which fully satisfy us regarding quality and optics.

How do you think you fit to Pickmotion and how did you find us?

The products of Pickmotion just perfectly fit to our concept. Both, Selekteur and Pickmotion put their focus on beauty – not necessarily in the classical sense but rather in the way to establish beautiful things of the everyday life. Beauty, creativity and sustainability are going hand in hand at Pickmotion as well as at Selekteur – this creates a symbiose which our customers appreciate very much.

What is special about your shop? How you combine art and culture?

Selekteur puts the focus at traditional brands with long-established manufactures mainly based in Europe plus a few from the USA and Japan. The products have to persuade us and create some fun. We set ourselves the goal to provide an assortment of constant high-quality products. Besides everyday items we also offer craftwork. Pickmotion for us is a perfect possibility to express ourselves. Snapshots that make people happy and smile – what better there can be? For us culture means to experience: We have beautiful travel guides and photo books which make it possible for our customers to discover and experience new places.

What do you like the most about Pickmotion?

That you put your priorities to value, consistency, quality and design. You’re colourful and diverse and have something for everyone.

So in case if you’re once in Düsseldorf and search for a special, timeless item just have a look at Selekteur Store. You definitely will find something in there.

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