Not even three months to go until it’s Christmas! Reason enough for us to take a look at this year’s trends and to share our personal favourites with you. Cover picture from

In recent years, less traditional colours, like pink and blue, have been trending for Christmas decorations. And of course, the all-time-favourites such as gold, red and green will never go out of fashion. Regarding this season we have good news for all those, who like to celebrate Christmas in a traditional style, but still want to bring some fresh wind into their homes! This year is all about playing with the different tones of these key colours – with rich berry tones and cool sage green as a result, paired with natural colours and elements.

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The classic Christmas red is developing into a more intense direction and is complemented by a wide range of deep berry tones as well as rich and velvety textures in fuchsia, aubergine, cinnamon and a deep bordeaux red. This results in a colour palette that is both invigorating and atmospheric.

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This year, Christmas decorations are increasingly oriented towards Scandinavian design, which does not only bring natural colours and materials with it, but also minimalistic ornaments and puristic designs. Delicate finishes and muted tones, such as a cool grey, are a go to. The classic green is replaced by a gentler sage, which can be combined with a light blue and metallic tones and perfectly rounds off the winter feeling.

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In order to bring even more Scandinavian flair into the house, real flowers and greenery, branches and succulents are increasingly used for Christmas decor. Complemented by soft and neutral colours, this trend makes every home hygge.