Drumroll for our freshest team member – Lara! Our new intern in marketing recently moved from the Austrian to the German capital. With her positive energy, she brings a breath of fresh air to the creative team!

Why does a Viennese move to Berlin, when she can stay in the – according to studies – most liveable city in the world? Lara’s explanation for this is her love for Berlin and her big desire for a change of scenery. She already planned this move years ago, before her graduation from high school in June. The moment she held her certificate in her hands, she immediately applied for a job in Berlin. With the job commitment in our marketing department and a suitable shelter in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, the change of scenery has been completed successfully! What she likes particularly about Berlin is the relaxing atmosphere and the low-stress factor when it comes to interacting with each other. When you ask Lara about her favorite district in Berlin, she would respond with Prenzlauer Berg, because of its streets full of cafés, old charming buildings, and individuality. Lara is also fascinated by the internationality of the city, which “does not exist in this way in Vienna yet”. The only thing she gets annoyed about is the long drives to get around town.

Practicing yoga is one of her big obsessions – especially full moon yoga. If you want to know more about the typical characteristics of your zodiac sign, you can contact Lara. She certainly has a weakness for spirituality, which you might even notice in her aura! Lara likes to be guided by inner impulses. Up till now, they have proved to be a reliable source and have always shown her the right way. With her inner balance, she can easily put herself in the perspective of her environment. She immediately feels when someone is missing something. Her biggest strength is always having an open ear for her loved ones.

During an internship at the front office in a Viennese hotel, it surprised Lara in a positive way how much she enjoys using her gift in interacting with people, even at work. It is so present, that she can imagine herself having a career in Human Resources. When it comes to her passion for travelling, Lara would like to go to Australia and stay there for a while.
Her best holiday so far was in Cape Town, where she and her best friend spent about two weeks. Taking the Hop-on-Hop-Off bus to Table Mountain and being able to look over the breathtaking view over Lion’s Head, moved her to tears. “Those are memories that will stay in my heart forever,” says Lara. Even the taste of good food brings her culinary moments full of happiness, especially in San Sebastián in Northern Spain. If Lara had to choose to only eat one dish for the rest of her life, she would go for the traditional Tapas served in that area.

In addition to her passion for yoga, good food, and traveling, Lara likes listening to podcasts. With her recommendations, e.g. the podcast “Zeit Verbrechen”, she has already influenced some team members. We are looking forward to many more podcast tips, tasty souvenirs from weekend café visits and infectious good humor!

“Love it, leave it or change it” – means not wasting energy and thoughts on situations you can’t change anyway and focus on the nice things in life. This happiness can not only be found in the big things but also in a beautiful bouquet, like the one on Lara’s favorite card “Good Vibes Only” made by our Pickmotion photographer @wild.rocks