His stream is characterized by the contrast between the cultural center of Berlin and his homeland Neubrandenburg: @elfestivalito  is both open-minded and attached to his native soil. He managed to attract other Instagrammers to his hometown, which is a real authentic East German city. While Berliners enjoy its slow pace and head over to Neubrandenburg for a photo walk, the photographer himself loves to get inspired by Berlin once in a while.

@elfestivalo aka Heiko Kühl is a native Neubrandenburger, he knows the town like the back of his hand. Neubrandenburg is a two hour drive from Berlin and inhabitats 63.000 people. He says: “Here you spot many people with wheeled walkers, very few pretty people, a lot of grey hair and clothes from Adler [a well known low budget shop in Germany].” But actually he loves his hometown although it’s a little dreary sometimes: “This place has always been home for me. It’s relaxing, quaint and beautiful – it’s a place where I find serenity anytime I want to.”

As much as Heiko appreciates Berlins nightlife, its internationality and anonymity, others are interested in Heikos hometown too. Previous September he invited photographers to do a photowalk (#visit_neubrandenburg, #mp_neubrandenburg), many Instagrammers showed up, amongst them @karstenkimble, @urbanentdecker_, @loewe7 and the founders of mobile photography @kickin and @brainyartist. The IGers from Berlin especially loved the cultural center by architect Ulrich Müther. The building is 20 years young than Berlins Tempodrom and seems like its little sister.

@elfestivalitos stream is dominated by soft colours, most of the time he uses his his smartphone and Instagram only. “I’m best at reflections”, he explains. Heiko is the creator of #ic_carrooreflections, an ironic false friends hashtag, and a fan of #lookingup and #minimalarchitecture. Besides, he is shareholder of the shooter magazine and his plan for 2016 is to buy a new camera to “get more out of every shot.”

Next weekend @elfestivalito will take over our Instagram @pickmotion and show his favourite IGers. Don’t miss out on it!

Portrait on the cover photo: Anna Kiddo