A scroll through @jannikobenhoff’s feed is like a holiday for your soul. Snow covered peaks, blue lakes surrounded by mountain chains, lonely huts in the lonesome countryside. It’s somewhat hard to believe that the face behind this world-renowned profile is a 15-year-old boy from the area around Munich who still goes to school everday just like everybody else his age.

Jannik Obenhoff began photographing two years ago, he took notice of Instagram because of friends and first started taking photos with his Ipod. Today, he uses a Canon 70D and takes the most stunning photos.


His mages give the impression that Jannik is out and about all day long, exploring and photographing, while everybody else his age spend their time at school. But appearances are deceitful: “I try to hit the road every weekend to take new shots, but sometimes I can’t make it because of school or other duties”, says the photographer. Though it’s his hobby that forces him to spend a lot of time outdoors.

By now Jannik has 142k followers and became one of the most successful German photographers on Instagram, recently nominated by dailytekk.com on position 14 of the 100 best Instagram accounts in 2016. What’s the effect of such an early success? “To be honest the Instagram hype is not really influencing my everyday life. Sometimes I get approached by fellow students who found me on Instagram.”

Although his photos are very diverse and new motifs are rich in variety, the photographer is not planning too much ahead: “most of the time the night before shooting”. Once he got up at 2 am for a photo of a shooting star, successfully though.


Where does he get inspired? “There are many inspiring people on Instagram, for example @alexstrohl, one of my biggest idols.”

By the way, Jannik is part of @germanroamers, a group of German photographers, who present their favourite places of their homeland and the rest of the world on Instagram.