When one thinks of “friendship”, one will quickly realise that this simple term is not just a word, it really is a matter close to our hearts. It describes a homely feeling that makes our hearts warm and unintentionally makes the corners of our mouth move upwards. No matter if we think of a family member, a roommate, a classmate or even a pet – friendship knows no country, body, or age limits. True friendship is very special and there are few comparable experiences!

Today, on International Friendship Day, we would particularly like to think of those people in our lives who are always there for us, who always have an open ear and a strong shoulder and who stand by our side in every situation. They strengthen our backs, support us unconditionally and believe more in us than we sometimes do it in ourselves. Today, let’s celebrate the people with whom hours feel like minutes, with whom we can share the best experiences and laugh about the most trivial things.

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We often show these special people far too rarely how important and unique they are, how much we love them and how often we actually think of them – Let’s use this wonderful day as an opportunity to show our loved ones how much they mean to us and how indispensable they are for us as they contribute to our happy existence.

Why not surprise your loved ones with a handwritten Pickmotion Card, for example! Put your gratitude on paper in your own personal style and brighten up their day by putting a bright smile on their faces. Use our dreamy Photostrips with a personal side note on the back or one of our super cute Magnets as a lovely gift to show your best friends that you are thinking of them – Because often it’s the little things in life that bring the greatest joy!