Instagram worthy spots in Potsdam



For our next #awalkthrough we take a detour to Potsdam! Karin from our team knows her way there pretty well and prepared some tips for some wonderful photo spots in the city that will look amazing on your Instagram! The pictures you will see here are all taken by Instagrammers we have linked with the picture. The cover picture was captured by @potsdamagram. Feel free to leave them a heart!


Sanssouci Park

If you have read about Potsdam, chances are high that you have read about the Sanssouci Park. At least this wouldn’t be too surprising, since the park is about 300 hectares in size, was claimed as UNESCO world heritage and is home to palaces, gardens, and many other impressive buildings. From Roman baths to a Chinese teahouse – in Sanssouci Park you can also discover some cultural impressions.  Of course, the Sanssouci Palace is also a must-see and thanks to the beautiful greenery and a large fountain an even nicer snapshot for your Instagram account.

Orangery Palace

A personal favorite in the park is the Orangery Palace. The impressive architecture accompanied by detailed figurines and a true paradise of plants bestow the surroundings with a southern flair and offer plenty of opportunities for some beautiful pictures. The palace is located a bit higher than the rest of the park and thus offers a great view which gets even better when you climb the tower.


Not far from the Orangery Palace, a path will lead to the Belvedere.  A two-part avenue leads up to the Klausberg which already offers a fascinating view to the building and its surroundings. A beautiful motif that is definitely Instagram worthy! By the way, “Belvedere” means “beautiful view” in French and that is exactly what is offered when you reach the building: another nice overview of the park.

New Palace

At the western end of the park, you can find another imposing place: the New Palace. As Frederick II himself wished, the New Palace is a magnificent building and even outshines the Sanssouci Palace a bit. The interiors are worth a visit, too, as you can marvel at an impressive shell or marble hall. The two communs, which are located behind the new palace and were originally the residence for the servants, are also real eye-catchers. The impressive columns and corridors offer amazing angles for pictures.


Behind the Sanssouci Palace you can already see the Ruinenberg from a distance which is another wonderful photo spot. Frederick the Great had built a water basin at the little mountain to water the well and water works in the park. Due to technical difficulties, however, this project could not be completed and so the basin was at least artistically decorated from the outside with the help of ruins and Roman columns. Those who climb the hill can admire the ruins from close and get another beautiful view of Potsdam.

Dutch quarter

If you want to take a little detour to Amsterdam, you can also do that in Potsdam! The Dutch Quarter consists of four street rows filled with red brick houses with apartments, small stores and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to stroll through the streets with some ice cream and take some amazing pictures of the architecture and smaller details, such as the colorful window shatters or beautiful plants.

Heiliger See & New Garden

Potsdam has many beautiful little lakes to offer. One of them is the Heiliger See (which literally translates into Holy Lake) in the park called New Garden. The lake is artificially connected to the Jungfernsee, leading to very clear water and a popular bathing spot. The New Garden is also a great location to take a long walk in nature and discover some more architectural gems, such as the marble palace or a gothic library. For a cool drink next to the water, you should check out the Meierei which can be found in the park, as well!

As you can see, Potsdam hat many beautiful spots to offer that are worth a visit as well as a little photo shoot! If you ever find yourself in the city and share some pictures on your Instagram, make sure to tag us with the hashtag #pickmotion so we can see your beauitful snapshots! Of course, you can also find our Pickmotion products in local stores in the city that are great little souvenirs or greeting cards for friends and family. Make sure to also check out our online shop!