If you have a look around on Instagram, you will see all those perfect pictures showing fancy clothes and especially beautiful picture details. We start comparing ourselves by looking at our messy life with Pizza cartons on the floor and clothes all over the room – and we start feeling boring and ugly. A study proves that Social Media makes us miserable because we start comparing ourselves constantly.

But why is the online reality so disconnected from the real life? Do we want others to feel bad about themselves?

The answer might vary but we don’t want that, actually. We just want to present ourselves in the best way possible. No one wants to post a picture after a failed job interview or a photo of the dark circles under their eyes. We would rather post pictures from the only holiday we had this year, between all the work and extra hours – who doesn’t love to travel anyway?

The campaign Ditch the label shows us quite plainly that pictures don’t always show the reality. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself in this short video?

But even if we started posting pictures from our daily life, for example doing the laundry, who would really be interested in that, though? Reality is more than just one square snippet.

The only thing to do is to love ourselves, don’t take ourselves too seriously and maybe start to post some pictures without a filter.

Here are some Instagramers who show how it’s done:

@celestebarber imitates photographs of celebrities with a wink.

Here you recognize how unnatural the posing in the initial photography looks.

The account @the.real.moms.of.insta shows how hard it can be sometimes to be a parent. But sometimes, also quite funny.

There are times when everything in life goes wrong …even when you have someone by your side.

@boyfriends_of_insta shows the full physical exertion for the partner. Everything just to get the perfect shot!

The single friend has to hold out here

If all this is still too fake for you, maybe you should just turn off your phone and enjoy your unfiltered reality.