Just recently opened and already an #awesomeshop for decoration and gift items. With this store, Hees Bürowelt has enriched the university town of Siegen with a special kind of jewelry and provides the best advice around the creative everyday life.

Where exactly is your shop located? What does it look like?

Our shop is located at Am Bahnhof 7 in Siegen, right in the heart of the city. Siegen is a university town in South Westphalia with almost 103,000 inhabitants. At Sieg-Carré, the popular shopping street, our staff advises the customers in a pleasant and inviting ambiance of light but delicate colours.

What’s the basic concept of the shop?

On a shop area of 100m², customers will find a large selection of classic office supplies and general stationery. The focus of the product range is on decorative items and home accessories.

In your opinion, how does your shop fit with Pickmotion and the Pickmotion products? How did you become aware of Pickmotion?

The selected offer of beautiful and decorative products defines our store. Pickmotion fits well into our concept and our product range because Pickmotion does not offer typical and standardised, but creative and special products.

We deliberately chose Pickmotion because we appreciate the value of beautiful gifts or greeting cards. A personal card is important as an addition to a gift or by being a small gift itself as it the packaging for the emotional message.

The magnetic motifs from Pickmotion were also very appealing. Therefore, we have also included these in our assortment.

What’s special about your shop? How do you use the advantage of being a steady retailer? How do you differentiate yourself from other shops and/or webshops?

In addition to our high-quality and wide assortment, above all the planned products with a regional reference are special. In the near future, we will expand our product portfolio and expand it with regional-based ideas that capture and map the local spirit of the Siegerland excellently. These are especially useful as a gift or memorabilia for tourists.
Because of the regularly changing seasonal products, our store invites you to rummage again and again.

Locally we differentiate from conventional shops or webshops by our competent, friendly and individual advice and our selected assortment.

What do you like most about Pickmotion? Which products are your favourites?

We particularly like the creativity with which Pickmotion stages its products. Since the opening of our shop, the Pickmotion cards in our store have been a bestseller.

The great retro motifs inspire not only our customers but also our own employees. These are not “off-the-shelf” cards, but creative cards with affectionate and winking messages. That’s why we like the retro cards the best.

Should you be in Siegerland, take a look at Hees Bürowelt near the central station. Here you will certainly find many things that make the decorating and gifting heart beat faster. This store is definitely worth a visit.

Hees Bürowelt
Am Bahnhof 7
57072 Siegen

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