Tinsel keeps flying, reflexions and plays of light wherever you turn your head to – am I trapped in a parallel universe?

Not exactly, I am in the middle of Berlin in this year’s Perspective Playground (Kraftwerk, Köpenicker Straße, 1.9.-24.9.2017) where gates are wide open for all the curious.

The camera producer Olympus hosts this photo parcours each year since 2013 for both amateur and professional photographers allowing them to discover art installations in a playful manner and create their own interpretations. Those who don’t have a camera can lend one on site and suffer the agony of choice between all the different Olympus models. I decided for a semi-professional model and soon realized that my photographing abilities were not exactly perfect yet.

That’s why I quickly took my smartphone and made a boomerang of the huge glittering tinsel snake over my head. Here you can see my best snapshot.

Luckily besides myself there have been many talented photographers around, who shared their photos on Instagram.
@janinasnaps managed to push the trigger in exactly the right moment, because the vibrations in the water caused by flickering light change too quickly and makes it hard for a photographer to take a perfect shot.

You can get wild on three levels and try out different angles and perspectives. And all around you it’s glittering and mirroring, like on the image by @kimcml.

Who is not afraid of being in the centre of attention can be portrayed by a professional photographer. Take the leap! The images will turn out really really nicely. Bild von @jl2788

The best way to explore everything is taking a photo model, breathing some life into the lifeless installations. Thanks to my company Silvia who posed 😊

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nils (@nilsnedved) am

There are recommended spots from where you have the best view on the installations. Better trust your own intuition and leave the path. That’s just how the more interesting images evolve. @nilsnedved

bottom line:
Grab your friend, your camera and hurry to the art power plant! The entrance is for free and you get the SD card you used if you borrow a camera. A bit of a flaw: Without further knowledge the right settings on Olympus cameras are not always easy to be found.

01. – 24.09.2017
Kraftwerk Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 70
SON – MI 11 – 21 Uhr
DO – SA 11 – 23 Uhr