You can win a Give Away! We are collaborating with three passionate Instagramers.

It seems unstoppable how new Social Media platforms rise and sink in inactivity of their users. Instagram became an Island in this stormy sea. Amateur photographers and true artists give the network life since it started years ago. Often one becomes the other. A few users have millions of followers waiting for their posts. Of course – because it’s a lot work to be active and create new content all the time. It doesn’t seem, but this is even more work.

Also other smaller, young or just not enough noticed accounts deserve attention. They awake a story in you, a memory, a wish for the future, they open your eyes, they make you happy. Pickmotion has a little team to find them. We are looking for motives, honest photographers, artists to let our community grow and design new lovely postcards.  We are also looking for humans whose view on the world widens yours. Who could be your type of people, who are ours, who are funny, extraordinary, authentic, sympathetic. That are our three selected bloggers. They show you how they spend their day, what music they listen to, creative skills, everything that adds more joy to life. Good food, places to travel, everyday life.

Marrtux will give away 10 cards at the beginning of June. Her Instagram presence characterizes the spanish blogger as lightful. You can see herself sometimes, flowers included. Her cuddly cat, her passion for sweets, healthy food, coffee. She bakes, reads, writes a blog in spanish, she loves magical places and her partner. How she manages her life, the cozy things, lovely atmosphere, a fulfilled life, you get following her account.  She takes her time for the good things in life. It’s no surprise she calls it slow living.

Susi_strickliesel_knitdesign will give away 10 cards the last week of June. She selected a special collection for you. And she was a Pickmotion card owner before she even know we produce them. The first thing you recognize visiting her page is her love for one creative part-time job. She loves to knit! And she does it so well, many people (also German stars!) love her work as well. She proves even skeptical persons on her Instagram and Snapchat (susiknit) that knitting is modern, interesting, creative development. Her main profession is casting for musicals. Bodyguard or the Rocky Horror Picture Show, to talk about the recent ones. She studied theater, this passion you can follow on her IG, too. Inspiration, motivation, good vibes. You can learn new things and feel at home here at the same time.



Zeilenzunder gave away 10 cards last week. She writes great, her blog is full of touching pictures. As well as her Instagram it’s about music. She listens to a lot of different bands, knows always the newest and best ones. Her taste is experienced and her writing trustworthy. She also publishes short stories about new songs, writes column, shows her lifestyle, interior, office. Her life seems like a movie with fantastic soundtracks. She shares her Playlists, too! Her account isn’t known by a lot of people right know, but we are sure her talent and diligence will change this soon.

Good luck for the Give Aways! Hopefully you already won inspiration. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know which Blogger deserves more attention in your opinion!