Valentine’s Day is coming up soon – and you wrack your brain about what to give? Here comes our ultimate gift list for your loved ones – each gift combined with the perfectly fitting PICKMOTION card! One of these rad gifts might be yours soon, on Instagram we give away a beautiful statement poster by radbag.

Watch the stars in the sky

That’s a genius gift for night sky worshipers! The ones among you who don’t want to set off to the planetarium or leave the light polluted city for an outdoor-adventure should give the mini planetarium by segatoys to their better halves. You catch 60 000 stars with it and – although the device looks like from an episode of ‘Back to the Future’ – you definitely will make the eyes of the donee shine.

costs: 120 EUR
by Segatoys

On our fitting postcard SP-0126 LOVE is shining.
Feat. @lotta_karotta

A charming invitation for a bed-in

Today we just stay in bed. What a good resolution, especially on the day of love. For everyone, who wants to re-enact the famous bed-in by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, when both of them stayed in bed to demonstrate for world peace. The poster is from radbag and we give it away on Instagram. Just let us know in the comments with whom you would like to spend a bed-in.

Costs: ca. 25 EUR (ohne Rahmen)
by radbag

On our fitting postcards ZG-0189 it’s warm and cosy.
Feat. @oh_hedwig

Still the best memory generator

It’s not a camera, it’s a memory generator! Since decades just inevitable for the most precious memories together – a good instant camera. This one by Fujifilm in a fresh spring green is really beautiful. The perfect gift for retro fans, nostalgics and romantics!

Costs: ca. 70 EUR
by Fujifilm

On our fitting postcard ZG-0235-EN we ask charmingly for smile.
Feat. @francisco_chavira

When your lover is purring

Although your cat is as moody as the Berlin weather, it’s always there for you and your biggest sweetheart? All little purring tigers are magically attracted by notebooks anyway, that’s why this scratching post in the shape of a laptop is the coolest cat gift ever!

Costs: ca. 30 EUR

Our fitting card ZG-0291 reveals Prince Charming.
Feat. @poonchic

Sharing is caring

You are inseparable? You listen to the same kind of music? We might be having something for you! With this smart audio splitter shaped as a heart you can get wired together in proper style and cuteness – because we all know: Sharing is caring!

Costs: ca. 10 EUR
by legami

On our fitting card ZG-0357-DE another audio splitter is in use.
Feat. @emwng

Good luck and have a fabulous month full of love! ❤❤❤