This year I decided not to make any New Year’s resolutions which anyway seem to be entirely unrealistic. Not to eat chocolate for one month?! Nope, because actually I really don’t want to do that.

That time can be used in a much better way – for example simply to retrospect the past year, summarise it for yourself and to indulge in the wonderful reminiscences. On our smartphones we can find some true photo treasures among those 5436 pictures which can make us very happy but also sentimental. While scrolling through them we realise: we laughed, celebrated and cried. Let’s take these beautiful thoughts and memories into the new year and shake off all the dirt just like the firework-snow-sludge from New Year’s Eve which still is stuck to our boots. Real snow definitely would have been great but in some regions we still have to wait for it.

For the new year I wish you the courage to start over all over again with some fresh thoughts and being level-headed or to dare restarting something you already began with. You should go through this world unbiased and open-minded and share your impressions with us in our #fresh_start_in_january challenge this month.

Sometimes you can have a totally different point of view if you have a clear mind. A photo from another perspective by @milad.eslamzadeh reposted by minimalmood.

Walking through winter landscapes and hearing the snow scrunching under your feet is the most beautiful in January, given that there is some snow. Photo by @andminimal

And here another winter scenery by @tougs

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Fred Tougas (@tougs) am

After all the glitter, sparkles and frills of the Christmas time, it is nice to have some rest for the eyes. Hanging out at house facades is nothing we would recommend even if it looks impressive. Photo by @timmy727

Don’t be a sheep! Be open-minded and don’t run after the mainstream, except it is running around in such a wonderful landscape. Photo by @hannahargyle

Thanks to @nathaliec136 for the beautiful blogpost picture. <3