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The diversity of a big, significant continent and its humans – Everyday Africa, published by Kehrer Verlag, collects and shows it through snapshots. This book, inspired and supported by Pulitzer Center offers a telescope to catch more than a glimpse how life in Africa is every day. More is motive here, 30 photographers show the continent far away from media stereotypes or extremes shown again and again. Instead of setting the focus on war and poverty, they want to show a large spectrum, Africa in its different, rich colors. In Exhibitions  as FotoIstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, BredaPhoto, Breda, The Netherlands, LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, Charlottesville, USA, OBSCURA Festival of the Photograph, George Town, Malaysia or Viral: Photography in the Age of Social Media, Alison Richard Building, Cambridge University, UK tells the vital smartphone photography the stories of teenagers dancing, people connect with nature, workspaces, horse races, an open view on the world.

Already 2.500 pupils learnt about daily african life and also struggle with it. It all started on Instagram and still going on as @everydayafrica. This project recognizes the documentative worth of new photography technologies and Social Media to bond.

One of its Co-Founders is Nana Kofi Acqua, popular photographer, poet, journalist, painter and human rights activist, especially Women Rights in Africa. You can find him as @nk_aquah and @africanshowboy on Instagram.

Another Founder is Peter DiCampo (@pdicampo), photojournalist and writer. There’s an editorial about the motives for their project Everyday Africa written by him and Vanity Fair autor, also Co-Founder, Austin Merrill (@austin_merrill). You can read an interesting interview asking Peter about the project on Africa is a country.

Jana Ašenbrennerová, Girma Berta, Guillaume Bonn, Barry Christianson, Daouda Corera, Edward Echwalu, Laura El-Tantawy, Yagazie Emezi, Andrew Esiebo, Malin Fezehai, Glenna Gordon, Jane Hahn, Idil Ibrahim, Shannon Jensen, Mahmoud Khattab, Lindsay Mackenzie, Austin Merrill, Holly Pickett, Whitney Richardson, Christina Rizk, Tom Saater, Allison Shelley, Charlie Shoemaker, Ricci Shryock, Nichole Sobecki, Sara Terry, Ley Uwera, Sam Vox – All these photographers contributed for Everyday Africa.

You get stories told through the photos but also through comments to them. You can find them on extra pages, few behind the pictures, so you can get your own impression first. Then hard, direct discussions follow next. Underlining expressions and prejudices, you can learn or get entertained.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Sam Vox (@sam.vox) am

Everyday Africa connects people all over the world, using Instagram as a tool to transmit individuality and serve proof about shared commonalities. It wakes the desire to explore the continent by yourself. It reveals reality, It leaves nothing out, good or bad circumstances.

Our monthly challenge is now #junejourneys. We want you to take trips in your everyday life and are curious about your shots. Please tag #junejourneys and #pickmotion, everyday our favorite will be featured on the @pickmotion Instagram. At the end of the month a lucky one wins Everyday Africa and a beautiful, sustainable necklace made by Berlin brand Kaalee!

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