DIY Plant Cutting

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Beautiful houseplants simply make our hearts skip a beat! An urban jungle at home brings color and some life into your own four walls and at the same time acts as a relaxing balance to the turbulent everyday life in the city. If you don’t feel like spending all of your money on new plants, then you’re in luck! In our DIY, we show you how to easily multiply three plant species by yourself. A nice gift for yourself or for your friends and family.


At the moment, the Monstera is the trendiest plant and can’t be missed in any urban jungle. Lucky enough, you can turn one houseplant into many with only a few simple steps.

You will need:

  • A Monstera
  • A vase or a glass with fresh water
  • A sharp knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Spray bottle with water

To propagate a monstera, carefully cut healthy head or stem cuttings and give them some time to produce new roots in some water and later in soil. By the way, the best season for propagation is early summer, because then the plants have a particularly strong growth.

In order to avoid any kind of bacteria, use a sharp, clean knife or a pair of scissors which have at best been disinfected before. Find a cutting that is at least 20cm long, has at least two leaves and one aerial root. To cut, place the knife under a sprout at the bottom of the plant, being careful not to injure the aerial root as it is important for the collection of its nutrients. Let the cutting dry in an airy place for at least an hour, so it has no chance to foul.

When the cutting has dried, take a big glass or a vase and fill it with room temperature and if possible, lime free water. Place the cutting of the Monstera with the aerial root into the water and place it on a bright (but not too sunny) and warm spot. The perfect temperature is 25°C. In case the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, try to put it into some shadow. The Monstera likes high air humidity, so try to spray its leaves with some water regularly. The water should be renewed every two or three days and after four to six weeks new roots should already be visible! As soon as the roots are about 10cm long, replant the Monstera in a flowerpot with soil rich in humus. That’s it! Combine your gift with one of our beautiful postcards from the shop and you’re good to go!

Devil’s Ivy

The Devil’s Ivy is a pretty climbing plant which is also perfect as a hanging plant. Good to know: The houseplant is a real feel-good-plant as it absorbs toxic substances from the air around it! It’s especially resilient against cigarette smoke and waste gases as it absorbs the toxic substances in its leaves. Thanks to that, the plant is a real air freshener! However, for a noticeable improvement of the air, many of its kind are needed – lucky enough, the Devil’s Ivy is super easy to propagate!

You will need:

  • An Efeutute
  • Sharp and clean scissors
  • A vase with fresh water
  • Disinfectant

To propagate the Devil’s Ivy, you need to cut off individual shoots with sharp, clean (and preferably disinfected) scissors and put them in a jar of water. The shoot should have at least two aerial roots. Make sure there is at least one node in the water, as that is where most of the roots will form.

Once the roots are about 2cm long, the cutting can be planted in soil. If you want a nice dense plant, it is best to put several cuttings together in one pot. And with that, a new Devil’s Ivy will be growing soon! As a small souvenir, our set “A Flower A Day” is the perfect match!

The Bow Hemp

The bow hemp is a low-maintenance plant and looks so pretty! With a little patience, the plant can be easily propagated by leaf cuttings. Attention: The method we present here works only with the green Sansevieria species, as with other types, the pattern will disappear.

You will need:

  • A Bow Hemp
  • Sharp, clean scissors
  • Cactus or succulent soil
  • A big or a few small vases
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Disinfectant

If you want to make several plants out of one, leaf cuttings are the way to go. To do this, take a large leaf from the outside and cut it with sharp, clean, and disinfected scissors as far down as possible at the base. From that one leaf, you can now make several cuttings that will turn into new Bow Hemps! When planting, it is important to put the underside of the leaf – the one that was also facing the soil before – into the soil. A tip: Cut the bottom side of the cutting as straight as possible and at an angle on the top side. This way you know that the straight side has to go into the soil. Leaf cuttings should be at least 4-5cm long. Let the bow hemp cuttings dry in the open for a while to avoid rotting. Just lay them down for two or three days and wait.

Take a large vase for all cuttings or several small ones for one leaf cutting each and fill them with succulent soil. With your hand, press the soil a little from above and stick the bottom of your leaf cuttings about 2cm deep into the soil. It is important that they are firmly stuck in the soil and do not tip over. Finally, spray the plants with a spray bottle full of water. Since the bow hemp is a succulent, the soil should not be too moist. The substrate of the soil is allowed to dry on the surface from time to time. It is best not to place the bow hemp directly in the sun, but still in a bright place.

Now it’s time to be patient! Usually, it takes several months until new seedlings sprout, but the wait is worth it and make such a nice gift!

We hope you liked our little tutorials on how to propagate plants! Alongside a nice greeting card, these plants make a wonderful gift as home warming or for any other occasion! Check out our online shop for our Pickmotion postcards and other little gift ideas!