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From printed wall paintings to light boxes and furniture – at designersgroup you can find all kinds of stylish designs from different artists. You can even marvel at selected works in their showroom. Learn more about our new #awesomeshop here.


What is the basic concept of the designersgroup?

The designersgroup is a design store from designers for designers. In the last few years, we have founded and established the urban photography label COGNOSCO ourselves. That is why we know how important cooperation and networking between artists and designers is. With our platform, we want to create an additional offer for artists as well as the final customers to get individual design products.  We present the artists and their work in our showroom, at pop-up-events and our webstore. At the very moment, our program consists of 20 international artist and their motifs on different products such as wall paintings, light boxes and glass back panels which are printed in small- or large-sizes.

Where exactly is your showroom located and how does it look like? At what time can you stop by?

Our showroom is located in a shed in a Charlottenburg backyard. The place can truly be described as a little gem. In front, where the Kaiser-Friedrich-Street is located, urban life pulsates, and the further back you go through the backyards, the quieter it gets. You almost get the feeling of being in a village. Our location has a 50sqm bright studio space with big windows. Most of all, we exhibit photographs and graphics of our artists in rotation here. Furthermore, we have various design products in our program. In general, you can always come and visit us. We don’t actually have regular opening hours – but most of the time, we can be found there. However, if you want to be on the safe side, just give us a quick call / email in advance or make an appointment with us. We are looking forward to your visit.

In your opinion, how do you fit to Pickmotion? How did you become aware of us?

Among others, at designersgroup we work with the Berlin photographers Michael Belhadi, whose pictures can also be found on one or two Pickmotion Postcards. Thus, it seems that we already have a similar taste when it comes to photography. When we created our own series of city postcards in a polaroid look – but in black and white versions – more than 10 years ago, we became aware of Pickmotion. In this respect, your colourful cards were the ideal match to our product range.

What makes your store stand out? How do you differentiate yourself from other stores and/or web shops?

We grow slowly but organically and without any marketing pressure.  We try to attract artists to our platform who fit to us and vice versa. At the same time, we are close to our customers and try to fulfill (almost) every wish – like special formats or special finishing forms. We also like to experiment and have one or two products on offer that are not available in this form in other stores.

What do you like most about Pickmotion? Which products are your favorites?

First and foremost, we have been captivated by the colourful postcards and now of course also the Art Posters – as these show off the cool photographies in an instant look even better.

As you can see, the designersgroup has many unique products to offer! If you are nearby, don’t hesitate to stop by their showroom or simply check out their webshop! You can also find many Pickmotion products, such as postcards and Art Posters there!

designersgroup GmbH
Ansprechpartner: Christian von Oppen
Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 65
10627 Berlin