Heat, heat, heat! Who does not want a little bit of cooling on these summer days? The flood of images for our monthly challenge #dearsummerdays was as refreshing and beautiful as the view on the cover photo by maryloo_berlin and has definitely made us even more fond of enjoying the summer to the fullest!

Summer. The vacations are calling, you go on a discovery tour, city trips or you can just relax on the beach, in the garden or at home and enjoy the summer days. We wanted to know what your #dearsummerdays look like. We are quite overwhelmed and sometimes even jealous about the submissions. Of course, we do not want to deprive you of our Top10, so check it out and enjoy the #dearsummerdays from our community.

On the Italian coast sara_diamond made herself comfortable. Even if she’s just been there, this picture looks like a shot from the 70s – summer and a felt time travel in one.

Californian dreams! What more can one say about this absolute summer image of paulfuentes_photo ?

Summer days and swimming pool – what could be better? Not much! The photo of maria.manchon makes you feel like standing on the edge of the pool and jumping into the cool, refreshing water at any moment. Wonderful!

augenbl.icke shows us that there are not only beautiful summer days near the water. She likes to stray through the cornfields in the surroundings of Berlin to enjoy the day.

Doesn’t this awaken smooth childhood memories? Who did not love it when it was possible?! Climb on hay bales. A typical nostalgic summer day image from julias.perspective .

A city trip to Havana, Cuba, to stroll through the streets of the city with your best friends? Well, if that’s not a perfect summer day. lanaki_v definitely enjoys it.

Chilling in the beach chair on the Baltic Sea? Definitely a decent activity on days like these. Next time, will you invite us and take us with you kathleenihh ?

How could you end a summer’s day more beautiful than paddle against the sunset with the stand-up paddling board? nathaliec136 captured this beautiful moment perfectly.

Ein von @schoenegruesse geteilter Beitrag am

And for the perfect finish, we enjoy the heavenly play of colors after sunset, captured by schoenegruesse on the forested Warnemünde coast on the Baltic Sea.

These were our Top10 of the monthly challenge #dearsummerdays and you can find many more wonderful summer pictures under the hashtag on Instagram. We wish all of you beautiful summer days in all the wonderful places of this world. Enjoy the heat and look forward to our next challenge in August.