The concept store ‘Das Schönwerk‘ in Steinfurt was founded by Antje and Jürgen Kleine-Berkenbusch. They put heart and soul into it, being well known in the world of fashion and lifestyle and you can see that by the love for details you can find in this shop. Despite negative opinions and doubts beforehand, they remained allured with the idea and meanwhile, they are realizing their visions for the concept store every day.

Das Schönwerk offers a variety of small- and medium-sized but especially beautiful decoration and interior products for home. Antje and Jürgen want to make their customers feeling comfortable. Both of them take care that the thoroughly selected products are sustainable and also that small, partly even local, producers are well supported. In order to keep their clients curious the store is oriented on current trends and styles – Antje and Jürgen regularly change the colours and topics of their product range.

Antje is an owner of a Polaroid camera and while searching for creative postcards, especially Pickmotion with its format was the eye-catcher she wanted to have. When she found out these cards are designed in Berlin, where she also lived for 14 years, she was more than keen about the product.

The store is very welcoming and inspiring with its bright and modern but also very cosy atmosphere. See and feel it for yourself and have a look what Antje and Jürgen have created with a lot of passion. Take the chance and pay the shop a visit!

Das Schönwerk:
Münsterstr. 22
48565 Steinfurt
Mo-Fr: 09:30-12:30, 14:30-18:00