Cute Name Magnets for the Little Ones

because #giftingmakesushappy


Are you looking for a great gift for your daughter, son, niece, nephew, or grandchild? At PICKMOTION you can now find a whole new range of products with colorful name magnets that are not just pretty to look at but are also super practical for everyday life!


Sometimes it is hard to find a fitting and special gift for the little ones. How about a cute story book or a cuddly stuffed animal? Certainly, your little one will be excited about your gift! In order to make your idea a little bit more individual, we would like to present to you our new name magnets which will give your gift idea a personal touch and can accompany the kid for a long time.

BMS-0120, BMS-0155

Mia, Noah, Leo or Emilia… this is just a small selection of names we have prepared for our magnets. Our S-magnets come in single letters, pretty colors and lovingly hand-made designs. They have a matte surface, are of high quality and feel nicely soft. Not only are they a real eye-catcher on any fridge or magnetic boards, but they are also super useful since you can hang up any drawings and paintings of the kids, as well as special memories or important notes. By the way, you will receive our cute magnets in a practical box that is easy to carry and to wrap. Of course, you can also put the magnets directly on your gift to decorate it and reveal who the lucky receiver is!


Do you like our personalized name magnets? We keep widening our selection of names – feel free to take a look in our online shop to find a fitting set of magnets now! Do you prefer to select the letters by yourself? Then take a look over here to find out which store in your area sells our products and find all the letters you need!