Spring is finally here, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising. Everyone wants to get out, but currently, that just doesn’t really work. So what to do? We have collected a few tips for you on how you can best spend your time in a creative way at home.

After the gray and dreary winter, the long wait finally came to an end and spring has come. We were all looking forward to chill-out days in the park but unfortunately a little too early because completely unexpectedly, Corona ruined not only for us but for the whole world. Too bad. But we don’t let it get us down – whether inside or outside, the sun increases euphoria and the drive to do something; In order that this energy boost does not turn into non-active series or film streaming and filling ourselves with delicious food out of boredom just within a few minutes, we have put together a few cool tips for you that will revive your creative streak.

Write Postcards

Simple to do and always a pleasure for those who get the card. You don’t have to be a writer to put a few words on paper or in this case on a postcard. Let your creativity run wild, write encouraging messages, write small stories or just a few lovely greetings to all your loved ones, families, friends and acquaintances and surprise them with good vibes. Unfortunately, handwritten greetings are becoming increasingly rare in today’s world but therefore they’re even more special.

Creative Easter eggs

Suitable for the upcoming Easter holidays and a well-known tradition – painting Easter eggs. But how about a different way of designing them? Everything you needed for it: white eggs, small plants or leaves, small nets (old tights) and onion skins.
That’s how it works:
Apply plant material to the eggs (possibly fix with a thread), then fix the arrangement with the net, tighten and tie a knot. Put the onion skins in water and then add the eggs to boil them – after a few minutes, you will have your very own herbarium-style Easter eggs.
Source: www.goldteam.su

Floral Staionery

You can make your own small stationery products with very simple means – how about your self-created cards, decorated with self-stamped rose motifs? What do you need for this? Watercolor or handicraft paper, cabbage head, ink pads in different colors.
That’s how it works:
Separate the lower part (approx. 5cm) of the cabbage head with a clean, straight cut and then pat dry with a kitchen towel. Then press it into the ink pad, then onto the paper and your little stationery piece of art is ready. Let your floral imagination run wild.
Source: www.boredpanda.com

Discover the world of Origami

The Japanese art of folding paper is a wonderful way to pass the time and even helps to put the mind in a meditative state. Ideal for those who feel stressed during these times.

Design your own shoes

In spring nature finally shines again in many colours – so be inspired and bring some colour and very individual patterns to your shoes. When you can finally get out on the street again soon, your creations will definitely be the eye-catchers of the summer. Everything you need for it: white cloth shoes, textile markers and a bit of imagination. Become a fashion designer for a brief moment and make the world of feet a little more colourful than usual.
Source: www.refinery29.com

Create your own flower and candle holders

We all like to decorate our home with pretty flowers and candles – so how about a simple but unusual holder for these two things? You don’t need much more than a tin can and wooden clothes pegs. Clean the tin and then clamp the wooden clips tightly together, decorate a little and you’re done.
Source: www.worldofdecor.com

Recycled Vases

For the flower lovers among you, we have another little tip on how you can be creative and make beautiful flower vases for your plant friends. What do you need for this? Glass bottles and various types of washi tape. Simple, minimalistic and beautiful to look at.
Source: www.cuded.com

Do the Puzzle

If you have a lot of time and you don’t know what to do with it, grab a puzzle. An ideal thing to distract yourself from boredom and when you have finished the puzzle it feels really great.
Image source: www.tafeldeko.de

Learn a new language

Every time you have been on vacation so far, have you wished you could speak a little of the local language? You always wanted to have more time to learn a new foreign language? Now is the best time for it and thanks to apps such as Duolingo you can do this at any time from anywhere, whether from the sofa, the bathtub or on the balcony. Use the time and become a language talent.

Discover new culinary worlds

You dream of delicious dishes, but all restaurants are closed? Become a cook yourself, get the recipes and bring some action in your kitchen. Those who previously had just very little time to indulge in their culinary skills now have the opportunity to do so. Cooking and baking are much more than just preparing food – it is an art in which you can be very creative in terms of taste. Once you get the hang of it, there are no limits to your culinary imagination and your taste buds will experience a firework of flavours.