Berlin in the snow. After months of spring-like temperatures hardly anyone believed that winter would ever arrive this season. But it did and suddenly the entire city was covered in snow. If you believe that winter in Berlin is nothing but dark, cold and ugly, check out our top 8 favourite winter shots on Instagram.

#8 Luise Schröder captured this shot in late November after the first snow of this season. Well it was rather sleeting than snowing. However, the scene looks romantically beautiful and picturesque in a way, with the dome in the background, almost disappearing in the fog and the hanging branches of the willow tree in the front.

#7 Instagrammer lutzonoff shot this photo about three weeks ago when the days were still sunny and warm as spring. Captured from the inside of the Berlin metro, it shows the Schlesische Tor during sunset with the most beautiful colours. Dear sun, please come back!

#6 Ice, ice, baby! Joerg Nicht took this great photo at Museums Insel,  capturing ice floes on the Spree. Maybe there is a chance of ice skiing on the Spree this season?

#5 It’s not very often that you can see the Brandenburg Gate covered and surrounded by snow although it looks gorgeous in augustatas photo. Due to the filter she used, colours are faded which gives the whole scene a melancholic touch to it.

#4 Suddenly. That moment when you look out of your window, expecting nothing, and the world around you is covered in snow. That is exactly what happened to Thomas Kakareko yesterday morning in Neukölln. Luckily he caught it on camera right away.

#3 This shot by Konrad aka konaction is absolutely on point and pure perfection. Who would have guessed that amazing scenes like this can be seen in Berlin winter? Great shot!

#2 While the Spree is not yet frozen, the Landwehrkanal at Hallesches Tor definitely is, as you can see on thedukeofberlin’s photo. She captured the scene in the best way possible with leafless trees on the left and birds on the horizon.

#1 Our absolute favourite was shot by _monstersmagic in mid December, before winter arrived. Perfectly captured, the photo shows the Tierpark just before sunset. The entire scene is bathed in soft and warm light and the reflections on the water make it look magical.