When autumn approaches, we tend to let our dreams wander into nature and dive into piles of golden coloured leaves. Yet, the season is just as beautiful in the city. Rooftops glowing in the soft colors of an autumn sunset, the warm light reflecting of the buildings, shapes and space blazing in new tones.

September was all about letting go of summer and embracing the new season – and possibly one the most beautiful parts of the day. Sunset. We triggered the romantic souls in you, asking for your #urbangoldenhour. Our cover picture by @_hannesthun is just one of the many lovely pictures you tagged, taking us to Passau, Germany, and into a beautiful setting with the sun setting over the water and city.

While we love to stroll through the streets, do some window-shopping or look for the cosiest café, a view on the city from above is always something special. Even more so if it is accompanied by a gorgeous sunset. @optipes captured this wonderful shot of Firenze, Italy, while @almasova_s sends romantic greetings form Paris, the city of love.

What would be a better example for cherishing the small moments of life than enjoying the golden hour with a loved one? Not much, obviously, which is why we love this shot by @herrschleinig.

It’s not just humans that love a good sunset but also these cute ducks that @dorydox spotted.

@heimat2go sends us the most perfect array of autumn colours from Ibiza, Spain.

How do you like to explore the city? @nathaliec136 makes us want to get our bikes ready with this great shot of Stockholm, Sweden, while @herrschleinig‘s shot of Hamburg, Germany, is a strong argument for taking the ferry.

Even a grey city such as Frankfurt, Germany, looks wonderfully golden in an Autumn sunset. Need proof? No problem for @frankfurban!

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