Big City life means endless opportunities. Their growth is never ending and a metropolis is endless variety, diversity, perspectives. Cities are human works but seem to live on their own. Most People call them exciting, less call them beautiful. They don’t know that you just have to go your on ways through the streets of the urbs, stay curious, to discover unexpected aesthetic. We looked for photographic findings on Instagram. Your urb can be your adventure-filled playground, lots of treasures are hidden. These photographers prove the clichée of “the ugly city” wrong:

jenniferbin got Shangha at the morning, higher than the clouds.

elisabethhe found the extraordinary where the masses don’t. A Train Station in Berlin, captured as a real beauty:

Maybe you know that Berlin is our favourite child, we also are founded here. The raw, authentic side of this metropolis got becherschuh on camera.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von F. (@becherschuh) am

In Omsk, Sibiria, melting snow, reflecting sun in its puddle is proof that spring is coming. alex_luzino don’t think it’s just mud, he stops by and uses the chance to collect a fascinating shot.

katetheo79 pays Attention Pastell colours, the Symbol of spring, a real classic. Even in ancient Greece the Connection between Symmetry and Beauty was known. Caterina knows a place where strong colour and minimalism combined give it the final touch.

Also a shiny place was found by another Katherine. mskatherineq looked up and spotted more than function in electric pink.

maykapicture takes us to our last Destination on this journey. She took a remarkable picture of a stairwell in Denmark, everything about it confirms she has a great eye for beauty.

You captured hidden Beauty on Picture as well?
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A true treasure to explore this city, first published 2014 by National Geographic Germany. Today our Instagramstory Shows a first glimpse on it. Is this enough Motivation for you? There is so much more to explore!