Summer has been fully in charge this month, filling our lives with sunshine, and we were on the search for some nice and refreshing #sunshinesensations. Asking for your sunny side of life, you brought us many – including a breeze from the ocean, pastell dreams, a jump into fields of flowers and many more joyful adventures.

Flowers indeed and so many. Flowers in all colours of the rainbow. Flowers to embrace the summer and to make us happy. Like the summery yellow ones in our cover picture by @like_a_king__plus_a and these two flower fields, by @ingridlosa and @smettikage.

Summer – the time of vacations. @foxupnorth‘s travel memories sure make us dream of visiting Croatia! What do you focus on? The near or the far?

A refreshing jump into the water is a just what we need these days. @anavi_p found the perfect place to do so – a place where the dress code is no shoes, no shirt, no problems!

More people following that same dress code on this unique shot by stella.serefoglou. The beach is always a great place to be but even more so when you’ve got it all to yourselves!

What better place to watch the sunset than by the ocean? Maybe in the mountains? Whether it’s seen from up high or from sea level, the late sunsets are one of the best parts of summer! These ones are captured by @dn_sky and @laureabsil.

Summer leaves us feeling like we’re on top of the world. With the sun warming our faces and the next adventures just waiting around the corner, it is hard to not feel motivated. So do it, whatever it is you want to achieve right now, there is no better time! Fingers crossed you’ll reach the top – whether by taking the elevator like @nathaliec136 (probably) did or by taking your kite like @dn_sky.

Need some more inspiration before you’re off, conquering the world? We’ve got the perfect little getaway into the sureal world of @karencantuq waiting for you!