The summer sizzles at full speed, the sun burns and everyone enjoys the season to the fullest, follows up with holiday desires or tries to find a little refreshment at the nearest lake. July is a month of a blaze of colour, nature is in the heyday of the flowering season, the sun lights up the colours of the cities and basically, everything is a bit more colourful than usual. We wanted to see your vivid world and asked for #letsbecolourful . To infect you as well with the colour fever, we have compiled our Top10 of your submitted photos here.

@luisa_berger infected us three times – with the cover picture and these two colourful house facades. You just get the urge to grab the paint bucket and a big paintbrush to put some paint on the wall – or just stick a few vivid tiles on it.

The summer and the sun probably lure all colourful facades or otherwise hiding street artworks out of the shadows which then have been fascinating for you as well as for us.

And some of you were even so creative to make wonderfully vivid art from plastic garbage.

Of course, fashion should not be missing! And let’s be honest, who does not love to dress up in colourful clothes from time to time, to break out of the otherwise dreary and monochromatic everyday life.

Or you just create your own colourful world the way you like it.

Who would have thought that Berlin’s underground is so bright?

Miami is gaudy enough, but if you arrive at the airport, you could think, you really landed in rainbow land.

Well, do you already see colourful stars from all these colour-flooded pictures? You need something a little quieter? Do you like green? Then take a look at our #awalkthrough Croatia – Out in the Green, and get inspired for our next monthly hashtag #greenhideout.