From the 24th of December to 1st of January, virtually everything is allowed. The feasting that is beginning at Christmas eve, continues in the holidays and with a full stomach and while watching our favourite Christmas movie we lay on the couch with pleasure. Who does not want to be rested when popping the bottles on New Years eve. But the feeling of waking up hungover at somebody’s couch on the first day of January is not the best.(Sounds familiar, eh?) The prospect on the consequences of our laziness and the mountain of tasks are hard to bear. Even coming closer to our personal goals seems very far away in this state of mind.

But this is going to stop now. And I don’t mean the partying. I mean the bad feeling that likes to wait for us in the new Year. Some of you may have noticed the trend already. It is actually something very simple, but with an extra in the ordinary: a bullet journal! That is not just some to-do-list in our bags that will be found again with a sigh after a month. A bullet journal is like a diary for the future. Everything that concerns you, your goals, inspiration or simply just things that need be done, finally find the place they deserve.

There are several ways to arrange it. From minimalism to colourful collages with some glittery pen in it. Now we have collected some inspiration and ideas to give you the motivation you need to begin.

We are amazed by @lookingfearless‘ way to arrange her bulletjournal.

What a beautiful way to remember what you have experienced by arranging cute little pictures. Picture from @my_blue_sky_design.

You can also make your vacation even better with writing down all the places you want to visit and just increase you excitement.” target=”_blank”> gives you a beautiful example.

Some really great ideas from @endless_vegan. You can even organise your freetime and having better fun this way!

@bujobulletjournal shows us how to get professional by using a key.

Ein von @bujobulletjournal gepostetes Foto am

@ceeceejounrnals is even having a mood tracker in her journal to capture how she feels. Taking care of your mental health is always a good thing.

@gettingorganized_bujo gets really deep into organizing by noting her habits in a really healthy calendar. No more regrets! Besides, she is capturing her progress on Instagram for herself. Pure motivation!

For starters, look at this beautiful handwriting combined with a minimalistic but also artistc style. @sheenaofthejournal inspires us.