In April, you showed us all these beautiful pieces of your travels, you shared your wanderlust with us and with it many, many beautiful photos of even more beautiful places nearby and far away. You have reinforced our hunger for foreign lands and inspired us to dream about all those wonderful places in this world. Our Top10 tastiest #travelaperitivos are sure to leave you urging for the next destination as well!

When you travel, do you like to go on adventures, explore culture and sights or calm down and find back to yourself? Our cover photo by @foxupnorth sure makes us feel like a stroll throug a small town by the sea is just what we need right now.

A stroll ending at the beach, obviously. @lioliene provides some wonderful proof of how calming even just the sight of the ocean is with this perfectly minimalist photo.

A different climate and yet an equally beautiful contrast between earth and water, warm and cool tones. This composition by @marinaen awakens the urge in us to jump headfirst into the cool blue.

Not one to take a jump? Well, going gives you at least as much satisfaction. This photo by @zita.pirnosova reminds us of that amazing feeling once you reach your destination after a long hike.

For those still striving go go up further, @leonessphotography captured a dream come true. A dream of total freedom and breathtaking views.

@frankfox13 on the other hand, shows us stunning views of the city – Barcelona to be precise. City-gazing is the new star-gazing we’d say.

This #travelaperitivo takes us on top of another city – Graz, as seen by @bergermargaret.

Whether you’re above the rooftops or down in the streets, there’s always a lot to discover in every city no matter the size. With this photo taken in a coastal town in Spain, @mdphotographi gives us just another reason why dancing in the rain won’t ever hurt.

For the ones wanting to (or having to?) leave the continent, @heathermariedoesphotography provides some great imagery of Japan – especially the Osaka Castle with this splendid shot.

To round down this month of fabulous travel wonders as well as our favourite #travelaperitivos, we’re returning to Italy and another Mediterranean beauty, shot by @ninasclicks.

Haven’t had enough of all the beautiful places on this planet yet? Check out our #walkthrough Venice or our #phototalk with travel maniac @neevenr and stay tuned for a new month full of sunshine and happiness!