A perfect summer is about a couple of things, like the warm sun beams on your face, the salty sea water on your skin or the hot sand under your feet. Imagine you could assemble your own perfect summer! How would it look like?


… a day full of action with your friends

Imagine a jump into the cold water from the top of a rock at 30°, the rush of adrenaline, the refreshment – surrounded by friends. Sounds tempting?

… a cool refreshment in the form of selfmade lemonades or cocktails?

Drinking enough is very important in high temperatures, so our ultimate advice for hot summer days:
There is nothing better than an ice cold, selfmade lemonade, enjoyed with your best friends on the balcony or while having picknick in the park.

… summer, sun, pool party?

Party fun and refreshments at the same time! What would you say about a pool party instead of going to bars or clubs in the summer heat? Good mood, good music and sunshine – what more is there to wish for?

… a shopping tour in the city?

If it is not way too hot outside go go go to the city and enjoy the nice weather. And after an exhausting shoppping tour an ice cream is the best reward to yourself!

… a romantic sunset?

What ain’t missing in summer? Right, the sunset! There is nothing like taking a rest and enjoying the end of a wonderful summer day – be it with friends, your partner or alone.

And how does your perfect summer look like? Tag your photos with #august_inthecity for our monthly challenge! Have a summer close to perfection ♥