How does Pickmotion works? How do my pictures appear on a postcard?

Because a lot of you asked, today it’s everything about Pickmotion. For you I summarized all the important facts about the process and our work:

First of all we need to find photos we like and where we think others might also appreciate on a postcard. During that time we are searching with passion and enthusiasm for different Igers – scrolling through feeds and check out all the photos tagged with #pickmotion is the main part of it.

wood &postcards 2

The next step is to collect and assign various quotes. Sometimes they show you such another side of the photo. We are working internationally, thats why all our cards have to be translated or customized in German, English and French!



And then, a lot of you might know it : Request, request and request again!

All of that does take time but in the end hopefully we have the approval of the photographers and therefore some amazing motives. These are combined with a typo often and certainly get optimized for print.

…printing & finally holding the postcard in your hands!