We are longing for adventures, great travels and very special experiences – the fancier the better. But unfortunately, these desires and longings are not always cheap. So we thought, let’s just go back to the simple things because we often forget that these are the best things and even for free. Enjoy our small selection of the best things that cost nothing!

cover photo: shanaranis

It does not always have to be a far away place, no, because even on your own balcony you can experience wonderful things for free.

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Longing for a bed in the open air? frau_seekuh shows you how it works. So just take the bed linen for the night on the balcony at the soon to come summer temperatures and sleep there.

Do you need an oasis of calmness? The private balcony can be the perfect place for it. Often we forget this because the wanderlust distracts us too much from the oasis at home. So just relax on the balcony next time.

Also, the nature in front of your own doorstep has much to offer – and you don’t have to pay for it.

That nature can be breathtaking and harmonious not only in exotic countries but also the forest in the surrounding of your home, as shown by justin_herrold . So just take a walk and switch off.

There are a lot of lakes out there. Instead of an expensive beach holiday, you can sometimes head out to the nearest lake, swing yourself on the bike, cycle there and allow yourself some relaxation for free without having to fight for a place under the sun on the beach. helena_jinx has already found the perfect lake.

Or just enjoy with your best furry friend all the fun that you can have on the lake. jordib87 is looking forward to such cost-free joy.

Friends are truly one of the best things in life – and true friendship costs absolutely nothing.

zoeyarielle has found her best friends and, with a beautiful quote from Shakespeare, she underlines what makes a true friend.

Not only true friendship is one of the best things in life that costs nothing, also a kiss belongs on this list.

A kiss says more than a thousand words and moreover, it is for free. contidsgn has captured such a kiss wonderfully for eternity.

One of the best complimentary happiness makers? Dancing!

Just to dance the frustration off the soul, to be in a good mood and to do some crazy dance moves in your own living room, which fortunately nobody sees or just to do a little swing on the street. lindyhoplt has decided for the last option, and you can really feel the fun. So shake the dancing leg, because it’s free and it makes you happy!

What can be better than a smile and a good laugh that comes from the heart? Not much! And one thing is for sure – a smile always costs nothing.

It is contagious, isn’t it? Such a hearty and happy laugh is priceless and for free at the same time. thelacouple like to treat themselves and others with such a radiant smile.

Gratuitous adventure feeling and a little romance? You can have it!

For example, with an evening campfire by the lake, such as ehvegan does.

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Or by enjoying a starry summer night, as corelisa likes to do.

That was our recollection of small, but very special and probably best things in life, which cost nothing. And if you have more great things that are completely for free, then just share them with us.

A closing quote: “The art of being happy lies in the ability to draw happiness from ordinary things.”