Berlin has so much to offer that if you begin making a list, you would really not have enough time to do things on the list! Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should watch this summer: walk the streets, go on a discovery spree, feel the art scene and swim, swim, swim, the lakes are waiting.

First things, first. Caffeine to stay awake and get your blood in better motion. Countless spots to choose from and you should try as many as you find, especially since long summer days require an extra cup or two. May good coffee lead the way these sunny mornings.

Get comfortable shoes and keep exploring the city because it is the amazing time of courtyards. You may find the most beautiful urban gems and possibly feel straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, or a Paul Klee painting. The colours, the patterns and the hidden geometry look like a big playground for all ages – visual delights at every turn.

Exhibitions, performances, art places, galleries and museums, the possibilities are endless in Berlin. Do you enjoy architecture? Contemporary arts? Or something classical? Whatever – it’s a feast for the eyes. Again and again. A house-replica by Erwin Wurm, Jorinde Voigt radical relaxation, mentioning just a couple of the big bunch.

If you are more into nature, trees and bugs and shiny waters, you are in the right place. Lakes, so many lakes and the summer breeze. It is really hard to find a more relaxing city than Berlin this time of the year. Pack cheese, fruits and wine. Time to dive.

And the sunsets in July are the best! If you take the train from one end of town to another in the golden light, you will make a visual trip that you did not know that you need. Travelling surrounded by treetops, maximum magic guaranteed. Gorgeous photos you can take, too.

The night is young and everyone sits under lights. From paper lanterns in the park to radiant light bulbs in backyards, gardens and balconies, everything is decorated like it is a birthday. Berlin celebrates every single summer day! Make sure you join the festivities.