Spring has begun! That means green meadows and warm temperatures herald the start of the wedding season … We say YES! to great wedding photography, so get inspired by our compilation!

Cover: @_hannesthun

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Stepping down the stairs of the church or registry office while having friends and family celebrating you with confetti is the dream of every couple and wonderfully brought to you by @hochzeitslicht. Now it’s time for them to go to the party location!


Extremely important for the special atmosphere of a wedding is the location. For this, @anja_schneemann_photography shows us a great spot with a romantic courtyard surrounded by old, ivy-covered houses.


But only the people with whom a couple wants to surround themselves on their big day are really decisive for the feel-good feeling. A perfect place to end the day with your loved ones found by @die_liebenden_ at the house on the farmer’s lake.


We Berliners always like it a little different and @honeymoonpictures regularly manages to capture the urban beauty of our city. If you love this style as much as we do, then you should stand in front of a glazed, painted stone wall like this and all eyes are on.


" …in zwei Minuten am Feuerlöscher treffen."

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Wedding photography is not just about the bridal couple, the location or the table decoration. No, even the stories, little insiders and private experiences are captured in photos for eternity. This proves @die_liebenden_ with a secret date at the fire extinguisher.


A road trip as a honeymoon? What a perfect idea! Just married and then in the van through Portugal with your travel buddy on the side … okay when are we starting @misterandmissesdo?


If digital photography documents the capture of analogue photography moments in a photo booth at Kotti Berlin, then we have landed at @honeymoonpictures. Two photos from the same moment for eternity.


Wild bustle on the streets, loud honk concerts and the whole wedding party gathered on a small traffic island one of the largest crossroads of Berlin. A sight for the gods! Held by @honeymoonpictures.


From high walls to silvered tea spoons. @die_liebenden_ has enchanted us with this great table decoration, which shows how romantic a playful table service and individual name badges can be. The love is definitely in the detail!
Decoration by @floresyamores


The brides who were on a diet for weeks before the wedding to look their best on the big day, really can overeat themselves when the time has come. Because on this day there is a very special cake, like this one from @oh_hedwig.


The most perfect shade of yellow blowing in the wind ✨

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Of course a wedding is primarily about the bride and groom. But can we please take a moment to commemorate all the beautiful bridesmaids? You are the most beautiful accessories of a bride!
Beautiful clothes by @jennyyoonyc excellently staged by @thismodernromance.


Just as every bride is different, each bridal bouquet may be designed individually. @anja_schneemann_photography proves here that not only red roses symbolize love and marriage, but every bride has a unique style for herself.


„Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.“ Stephen Hawking // Thank you @yeswedo.de for sharing this beautiful photo today! — Such an incredible international collaboration, that we are absolutely so proud to be apart of. Photography @misterandmissesdo | Styling and coordination @watermeloncollection | Location @inyonilocation @locationgallery_ct | Bride @viktoria_summerr dressed by @whitelillybridal | Groom @simon_lorinser | accessories @mybrotie | Headpiece by @earthlingandmoon | Hair and Makeup @kalliopi.b | Flowers @capetownflorals | Furniture and styling @houthuissa | Decor @the_souk_events | Place settings @two.birds | | Patisserie @lia_rothman | stationary @kristinahoefler #capetownwedding #boho #coachella #bohemianstyle #capetown #safari #firstandlasts #weddingdress #quote #stephenhawking #ceremony #weddinginspo

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A big trend next to the already popular beach weddings are boho-style weddings. Important parts of it are nostalgia and naturalness, what @misterandmissesdo radiates with the handmade crochet accessories and amorous glances.


Is there a nicer decoration than flowers? Whether as a flower wreath for the flower girls, on chairs or pews, in a classic way as a bridal bouquet which is then thrown backwards or just like here, everywhere, to turn the room into a beautiful smelling sea of flowers. At weddings by @thismodernromance Flower Power definitely counts!


Imagine you have the ability to see a persons soul. You know his deepest abilities, deepest feelings, you know and feel everything about this person. So you are able to connect this persons abilities with the things you need in YOUR life to extend it. And imagine just because you have the ability thinking and feeling SO deep you completely know and feel that this person can extend your life and is able to create a higher and deeper thinking version of yourself. Imagine that YOU are able to choose the person you want to love forever because of your abilities. And imagine the other person is also able to see your soul and knows that if you connect your souls you would be something higher together. This means you would carry each other to higher levels all the time because you are something so much higher together. And Imagine just because you are always rising and reaching so much positivity in your life you are able to love. This would mean that if you are taking each other to higher levels for a lifetime you would be able to love for a lifetime. All this is key to endless love. So choose wisely who you want to love. Don't choose the person making you feel complete. Choose the person who is extending yourself and widens your horizon. Because horizons are nothing more than a current border you can pass by loving someone who is able to take you higher. You don't need to be complete. You need to be more. And you can only be more anytime if you know that everything you are now is enough. You are ENOUGH. Being enough you are able that someone can add something additional to your life. Because he won't fill something which is missing but extend everything which is already complete. #love #spirit #freemind

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In addition to confetti, chair decoration, honk concerts and honeymoons only one thing truly counts. What is most important about a wedding and especially for the life after the “big day”: Love! @graceandblush

So let the warm temperatures and spring fever come your way and be inspired by our best-off of the best wedding photographers on Instagrams!