Straight lines, curves, staircases, different textures, the element of light, differing perspectives, architecture of all cultures and eras, in colour or black and grey – the possibilities are almost infinite when it comes to symmetry and composition. We want to show you some examples, pictures tagged with #symmetrykillers.

The extreme contrast of oriental architecture and modern, minimalistic shapes is incisive for archibeast’s feed.


Vernehos’s shots of stairs and skyscrapers are striking. Cold colours and wide-aread sections of glass add a modern touch.


The high-contrasted comparison of black and white within Manssour’s work is eye-catching. Adding human silhouettes completes it.


Berlin lifestyle brought into an aesthetic form. That seems to be what Gregor Klar ist doing on his feed. Between everyday situations and Berlin typical shots, there are staircases and fronts of buildings; some of them shot from worm’s-eye view.


_ontheloose takes pictures of architectural buildings; the focus is on skyscrapers and train stations. The shots have an artsy touch and are characterized by light, cold colours.


A cloudless, blue sky and mostly glazed, reflecting buildings. Mad_jed’s fingerprint is obvious.


Light stone, sober colours, a mixture of old and new. That is jpbombales.


Cover shot by @_ontheloose.