It’s a fantasy everyone who is infected with the travel bug knows well: To leave the job, rent and daily troubles behind, pack a van and hit the road. Some are lucky enough to live the dream, and we’re lucky to be able to follow their adventures on Instagram. 

“Road Trip! I’ve spent the last week packing up my Austin house of the last 12 years. For the next 6 months or so, our house will be a wagon. Today we are heading toward Nashville, then off to Idaho, Montana, California, Oregon, Washington and many places in between. Home is where your dog is.” – Emily Blincoe


It could be a painful breakup, loss of a loved one or simply an unfullfilling job that would make one reevaluate ones life. In Theron Humphrey’s case – all of the above. Encouraged by friends to pursue projects he believes in, he spent a year across the U.S, meeting and photographing a new person each day, for a series called “This wild idea”.
His loyal companion, a Coonhound named Maddie, whom he rescued only two months before hitting the road, became an Instagram celebrity thanks to her human-like expressions and her uncanny ability to balance on things.


Kelly Lund believes dogs are not meant to stay alone in houses or backyards. “I decided I would do everything possible to not leave Loki behind” he says about his large and happy husky-mix with whom he enjoys pretty much everything: from campfires with friends to snowboarding in Colorado.


While being young usually means freedom, possibilities and health, for Suleika Jaouad it also meant fighting cancer. At 22, this aspiring war correspondent was engaged in a war of her own, against acute myeloid leukemia.
In the course of three years she wrote about the battlefields of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant, decided to adopt a dog and touched the hearts of complete strangers. And she won.
“On October 15, 2015 I hit the road for a 100 day trip around the USA with my badly behaved rescue mutt Oscar as co-pilot. Along the way I will visit and thank some of the unexpected strangers who supported and inspired me when I was sick.”


Andrew Knapp, a Canadian photographer, designer and illustrator, sold his house to live and work out of his yellow campervan with Momo, his adorable Border Collie Momo, who loves to play “Hide and Seek”. Momo became an Instagram sensation and the hero of two photo books that challenge you to a Where’s-Waldo-style game called “Find Momo”./br>


Winding roads sprinkled with small-town houses, a VW camper van and country music blasting from the speakers are the literary and cinematic icons that filled and fuelled our imagination about the magic words “Road Trip”. But who said the road must be made of asphalt or dirt?
If you asked Samantha Tobias and her two Golden Retriever “wingmen”, as she describes them, you would probably get a more versatile answer. Aspen and Koa, the two beautiful and extremely lucky dogs, join Samantha and her husband on their travels and adventures, whether by car, foot or kayak, and by the look on their furry faces, they enjoy every minute of it!

Anyone who’s ever owned one, knows dogs are actually family and should be treated as such. Just like in Poh’s case.
Poh lived with Thomas Neil Rodriguez since he was 8-weeks old, until two large, inoperable tumors were found in his abdomen a year ago.
To make the most of what little time they thought they had left, Poh’s devoted owners, Rodriguez and his fiancée Goumada, decided to embark on a last family adventure together.
They crossed the U.S “traveling from #nyc all the way to the west coast, from sea to shining sea”, where Poh finally got to dip his paws in the Pacific Ocean.