Mist, rain and always clouds in the sky – autumn is at its fullest and bestows us with dull but also very beautiful, mystic sceneries.

You can’t ignore it any longer, it is October and autumn has arrived. The year is moving towards its end and the nature is transforming one last time into a colourful spectacle. Trees put on their yellow and red dresses before they throw off their leaves finally. October is a symbol for the passage between seasons, for changes and mysterious moments. Corresponding to this we put our monthly challenge to the theme of #octoberpassages and want to present you this titbits for inspiration.

(Cover photo: @evymaquillage)


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Aleks (@aleksszu) am

aleksszu takes us with her on her morning walk to the library of Warsaw University and shows us this colourful #octoberpassage. This makes us nostalgic about going to library again.


Siberia is not only snow and ice, no, there are also mystic autumn sceneries to see. die_traurige_lied shares with us her view on one of her walks through Novosibirsk.


That October in Denmark can be already cold and icy but so beautiful at the same time, is shown with this incredible photograph taken by nature_by_tina.


October is also the time of decay, berries and fruits are on the passage of decomposition and yet you can find such beauty in this process, just like saakiri captured in this photograph.


The end of one thing is the beginning of another. While berries decompose, those chetsnuts are born and often cover the paths and streets of autumn. marc_granen shows us the birth of these little fellas.


Misty but not as cold as in our hemisphere it is in the mountains of Oahu in Hawaii. The path on the mountain crest just looks like a passage to another world thanks to the gorgeous photograph by vincelimphoto.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von marca311 (@marca311) am

In most of the European cities it will be dull and grey but even this can have its very own autumn charme, just like this photograph above the roofs of Paris by marca311.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Karine B (@kabdar) am

Those who like to watch the rough forces of nature in October definitely should visit the coast to capture views like this. Just like the passage between sea and sky in Les Bergeronnes, Quebec, Canada by kabdar.


If it’s too wet, cold, rainy and foggy for you then maybe you should try to get your passage towards the sun – vizaphotography shows how.

We hope to have given you some feast for the eyes and inspiration. Of course you also can participate in our monthly challenge, share your pictures with us and have a chance to win our give-away. All you have to do is tagging your pictures with #octoberpassages. We are looking forward to your submissions.