November brings long nights and grey days with it and might actually be the least liked month throughout the Western hemisphere. After all, the colourful and fun side of autumn just passed but winter isn’t really here either. No wonder the November blues is a thing! However, something that definitely helps against feeling blue? Getting hygge! Some well deserved cosiness works wonders during this time of the year which is why we did some digging for you and found the five cosiest, most hygge and Instagrammable cafés around the globe for you!

Cover picture by @kaffeegiesserei.

1. Fika Cafe – Toronto, Canada

Fika is originally the Swedish verb for “to go out for coffee” but is now also used as a noun, meaning “coffee break”. A proper Swedish Fika is traditionally accompanied by some sweet goods, maybe even a cinnamon bun – and those are exactly the kind of treats you can expect when visiting Fika Cafe. Its super cosy interior featuring a wall covered with books definitely add to the flair. This is the sort of cafe you would want to stay at for a second brew.

2. Paludan Bogcafé – Copenhagen, Denmark

If you need even more books to satisfy your need for comfort and cosiness, the Paludan Bogcafé might be the right choice for you. Located in the centre of Denmark’s capital, the oldest book café of the country sells coffee, meals and the sweetest of Danish pastry all in the ambiance of an honorable library – one that you are allowed to eat and chat in, of course.

3. Dreamy Camera Cafe – Yangpyeong, South Korea

This one obviously had to make the list. The unique cafe replicates a classic twin-lens Rolleiflex and truly is a place for dreamers. Besides a menu inside a photo album, the cafe also features stunning views of the countryside. The round windows will almost make you feel like you’re in a Hobbit’s house – who we know to value cosiness dearly.

4. Dalloway Terrace – London, UK

This outdoor terrace is the most perfect location for your posh yet snug afternoon tea. Covered to defy the infamous London rain and heated you will be comfortable all year round but the perfection of this place is its decoration. Adapted to the season, the decoration constantly changes and is especially magical now that winter has already arrived at Dalloway.

5. Kaffeegiesserei – Münster, Germany

You will find more Scandinavian flair (because that’s where hygge was invented after all) with a touch of the 60s in this charming little coffee house. Besides the welcoming interior and atmosphere, the Kaffeegiesserei (roughly to be translated to a coffee being poured) also serves the best oat milk-cappuccino the world has seen and – on pre-order – a lovingly prepared breakfast table that is beyond cosy.

Still feeling the blues? Check out these tipps on how to happily November – sometimes it’s as easy as adding some extra cinnamon to your favourite recipe! Don’t forget to share your cosiness with us once you found it & use #timetobecosy!