This month, we were looking for the perfect places for relaxation. Places full of tranquility, to escape to, to regain your balance in and to be at peace. In short – we were looking for your #greenhideout’s, your spot in nature, no matter whether you seek them to get away from the noisy and overheated cities or to find new inspiration and strength.

Our Top10 truly are some wonderful gems of nature and proof that paradise is indeed not one but many little places on earth. The crystal clear Lake Jasna from our cover photo, photographed by @zita.pirnosova, looks so refreshing we can almost breath the fresh air – definitely a #greenhideout we would like to jump right into!

The best way to get away from it all, is to follow the way up a mountain. After a good workout and a breathtaking view, all your troubles will be miles away – literally and figuratively. While @_hannesthun is soaring high…

@diegomartins prefers more gentle slopes. The soft green hues are cleansing nonetheless.

Not feeling like exercising? No need to push yourself? Relaxation is also pretty awesome and gives you lots of time and space to reflect on life, yourself and thesis stunning views by @andr.ea_ch.

No better place to wild, free and careless than in the middle of nature. @bettyblue3886 is celebrating summer with some new swimwear – just waiting for the next round.

More complementary colours? @anavi_p‘s composition perfectly combines those many shades of green with a fresh and vibrant orange!

Green loveliness above, beneath and all around. We sure see why this superb spot is one of @meike_aus_berlin‘s favourite places.

A little darker, yet equally beautiful. This shot by @frankfox radiants tranquility and the joy of being secluded.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the million of things that we have and wanted to do that we loose our balance. A good way to regain it? Focus on the end of the way like @annia_hu!

Need a place to let your mind wander? @shustrov found it by the ocean.

And that’s the end of August as well as our escape into a sea of greens. More green, however, is to be found on the Green Island and you can read all about it in our #walkthrough Ireland! Stay relaxed, well balanced – and tuned for our next challenge!