When autumn slowly turns into winter, many suffer from symptoms such as tiredness, lack of energy and of concentration. The culprit is the darkness that causes melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone) to be released. At the same time less mood-enhancing serotonin is produced due to the absence of sunlight. As a result, we like to hide in our beds or on our sofas under thick woolen blankets. But November has so many beautiful sides! There’s no need to rely on the sunlight to improve our mood when we can forge our own luck and happiness. These eight tips will help you to survive your November Blues, to enjoy your own cosy delights and to happily get through the dark season!
Cover photo by @moners.

Move it!
You know how everyone always tells you not to run away from your problems? Well, you certainly should do so when having the blues! Let go of your pillow, put on some running shoes and hit the track. Fresh air helps strengthening your immune system and even on cloudy days, you can absorb much more light outside than inside. Those of you who are, like me, not much into running can just as well take a long walk. This way, you can enjoy the last colourful autumn leaves and their rustling under your feet even better.

Cosy in the city
Who says cities are beautiful only in summer? There is still much to discover at this time of the year. Explore some early Christmas markets, discover new cosy cafés and bars, snuggle up in the velvet chairs of your favourite cinema, recharge on some summer vibes in a botanical greenhouse or simply find new spots and corners of your city. Even if you hear your bed calling, it is worthwhile to get up and going even in cool temperatures as being active ensures that endorphins are released and hence, our mood lightens.

Follow your bed’s call
From time to time, it is more than okay to just get comfortable at home. Put on some comfy socks, make yourself a hot cup of tea and get cosy. November is the perfect month to enjoy the sound of rain pattering on the window, finally have time to read that book you have been meaning to read forever or catch up on your favourite show on Netflix.

Treat yourself
Taking time for yourself and treating yourself to some wellness can definitely not hurt this time of the year. A soothing bubble bath or relaxing massage doesn’t only do wonders for you body but also your mind and positive attitude. To all you couch-potatoes out there – keep in mind that the closeby thermal bath offers a relaxation upgrade from your sofa.

Honey, pleeeeeaase
Nope, this isn’t a suggestion to make your (imagenary) boyfriend take out the trash. We’re talking about the actual honey here. The liquid gold can strengthen your immune system, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects and is also the perfect complement to any tea or your morning granola.

Bake to the roots
Why wait until Christmas to start the baking season? Some ingredients are basically true mood miracles. Bananas and nuts, for example, promote serotonin production, as does chocolate. Cocoa also contains phenethylamine, which is known as a mood stimulant and the hormone of being in love. Thus, hot cocoa and brownies are the prefect remedies against the November blues. Incidentally, they are best to be combined with some cinnamon. Cinnamon scent brightens the mood, plus the spice stimulates blood circulation and thus spreads a pleasant warmth throughout your whole body. Bye bye chilly toes!

Wear the colour you want to see
When the leaves turn from being bright and colourful to being brown and dull, it is time bring the colour back yourself. Why not add some yellow and orange to your wardrobe? These colours are known to have mood-enhancing effects and we are sure you will look lovely in them.

I’m happy when you are
If you’re still feeling blue, there is one last recommendation for you: Make others happy! To see your loved ones breezy is sure to help you feel the same way in no time. You could get some nice little things for an advent calendar, for example, or even make them yourself.

We look forward to many more reasons for a cosy and happy November among your submissions for #cosydelights over on Instagram!