The golden October and Halloween are already over. So say hello to November.  Also known as the beginning of the darker half of the year. Let’s get cosy together! (Picture by Hollysisson)


This is a season you either love or hate, there is no in between. The trees slowly loose all their colorful leaves and become spooky and similarly beautiful creatures with huge bald crowns. The colorful fall season turns into a grey world. The mist in the morning is much more dense and feels more oppressive than the calming morning fog in October. In November the days are getting shorter, darker and much colder, so be prepared! Winter is yet to come.


Just as everything gets a little bit darker, it also gets a little bit more quiet. People tend to stay at home and spend most of the time in their bed (I admit, I’m definitely one of them). Please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, because I mean who dosen’t love cosy socks, nice candles, a cup of tea and maybe a good movie or an interesting book? So get into your bed and enjoy your cosy time!


November is also the time where it gets serious! The sun is leaving us, so catch the last beams as long as possible. Maybe go outside for walk in the forest or in a park near your city. Take a deep breath of fresh air and lots of sunshine! Remember Vitamin D makes us happy, and who can say no to a little bit of happiness? Besides all the negative aspects, November season brings with it, there are also some lovely parts, which easily tend to be forgotten. Just think about how beautiful a city looks when it’s dark outside and all the different lights bring it to shine.


Everything and everyone around you is getting a little bit more cosily. And let’s just be honest with ourselves. Everyone is somehow longing for a little bit of love and affection. Maybe there is someone you need to tell that you like them because you haven’t told them yet? So keep going and let them know! Spread some love and let the November magic begin.

Hurry up, the holiday season is coming soon!