The sun is burning – May is hot, hotter than expected. That’s why all the photos from our monthly challenge #thewildwildgreen with their rich greens come truly like a visual refreshment drink, while we just try not to melt away in the sweltering heat of the city. So be inspired by our top 15 of the wild nature and treat yourself with the beauty of the wilderness.

The cover photo of augenbl.icke looks like a sea of ferns that gently invites you to dive into a refreshing, cool green.

bergermargaret comes from the depths of the forest with this breathtakingly mystical image that captures the morning rays of light coming through treetops.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Mo Ro (@momarot) am

This birch has its very own, wild growth – instead of vertical, it goes horizontal. A real-life scene in the mist of a spring morning that momarot captured for us.

Also, the raccoons stray again through forests and bushes, because even the wild animals are lured from their hiding places by the spring and sun. hollysisson has photographed one of those sweet strays.

The best thing to do: get hiking shoes and go out into the wild green – just like marmelis_dietirolerin .

And then past bright yellow rapeseed fields out into the vastness of nature. tusen.skoena just does it.

The best destination for a nice refreshment in the wilderness is, of course, a lake. augenbl.icke has found a beautiful spot in Brandenburg with her canoe. I would also move straight to the countryside.

Or enjoy the view along Swedish rivers like starling73.

Green, endless wilderness can also be found along the Chinese Wall. The image from jwh_beanieman is more than perfect.

As a hermit, one finds in the wild green, of course, his paradise. ch.d_photography has discovered such a hut in the Alps.

Who would have thought that even in the Berlin Chancellery wild green can be found. Despite all order and structure, there is also a longing for the wilderness in such places. Thank you detailsofberlin for this interesting insight.

Palm trees and wild daisies – what a mix; and then this unsual composition of petkoenglish . Definitely wild!

Not quite as wild, but then somehow it is – this still life photograph of a cabbage from mishmarshmallow . His fascination for the wild color gradients from purple to green infected us.

From cabbage to the golden hour. This special hour before sunset shrouds the wild green in a very special atmosphere, which andererblickwinkel has captured wonderfully.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Saku (@photosbysaku) am

Finally, we are drawn once again into the forest for the sunset in the wilderness. photosbysaku has created the perfect mood for the end of our Top15.

These were our top 15 of the month from the wild, wild green. Nature has so much to offer, not only visually but also for our own inner harmony. Hence, now and then just get out of the city or instead of the next city travel take a trip to the wild nature. I would definitely recommend it!