Finally we are in the summer. Even if the temperatures are just falling a bit, after the extremely summerly spring with almost hellish heat waves, we are happy about every ray of sunshine tickling our noses. We’ve been inspired by this sunny tickle and wanted to see your photographic interpretations of #sunnystructures this month. Not easy, but for sure interesting.

Above all, there is a lot of shade when the sun is shining; so it’s not surprising that some of the pictures are made up of plays of light and shadow, but that’s far not everything. Have a look what the community sees in #sunnystructures and get inspired by our Top10!

Fascinating play of light amidst modern architecture has been discovered by detailsofberlin in the Jakob-Kaiser building in Berlin. For such views, we could almost envy the parliamentarians for their workplace.


To take a look up sometimes can be precious, like in the small harbor town of Falmouth in Cornwall, as heathermariedoesphotography shows. The structure formed by the colorful flags on the lines looks like colorful sunbeams of the high summer sun.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Anja (@seesuechtig) am

Where can you find a lot of sunlight and interesting structures? Right – in the desert. The wind is constantly changing the landscape and leaving behind sandy formations that cast wonderful shadows in the sunlight. enjoyable has captured this perfectly on a picture.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Teo (@temaelkedial) am

temaelkedial has beautifully presented how you feel when the sun tickles your face as you sit in partial shade.


laomapupi seeks and finds her #sunnystructures in the urban landscape of Berlin with the help of a telescope above the rooftops of the city.


It does not always have to be shadows, no, even a nicely landscaped courtyard garden of a café in the French sunshine fits perfectly with our monthly challenge.


Architecture, lines, pastel summer colors and the whole thing illuminated by the June sun. Fits. Very nice picture from markdyballphotographs


Ein von @schoenegruesse geteilter Beitrag am

Bright orange, strong contrast in the sunshine combined with a bit of design and a very idiosyncratic structure is created on the house facade here in Aarhus, photographed by schoenegruesse </ a>.


An inconspicuous everyday scene, a minimalist eye as of piatkowskamonika , sunshine, interesting color combinations and finished is an impressive picture in which you literally can feel the structure and sun.


Finally, we bring a little extra color into the game, through the resulting color structures of broken sunbeams that silviaboettger captured on her dog’s portrait.

These were our Top10 #sunnystructures this month and of course, you can find many more great pictures under the hashtag on Instagram. Now enjoy the sun, let yourself be inspired and harmonized by it and, as always, look forward to our next monthly challenge.