Instagram is not only the place of flower and selfie posting but also a platform for artists or the ones with an artsy ambition, who like to show what they can do. That there are some of them with unique ideas and remarkable photoshop skills shows the following top 5 of our ‘surrealism-instagramers’.

#5 Miniatures of humans, which are threatened or protected are created by @timoment in his images. But as well his play with Photoshop masks and extreme light situations is simply dreamlike.

#4 “And we’re allowed to dream”, says the image description. A longing for the distant, the sea, sets in. With this photo by @o_pinheirojose an excursion into the dreamworld is not far – maybe an escape from everyday-reality and your own head.

#3 Impressive (sky) worlds and a tiny stain of colour: these are the characteristics of many images by @shineonyoucraydiamond. The open sea in pastel colours, a man with bowler hat and a red umbrella and an airplane? One might think what a strange collage, but the result is a harmonious sythesis.

#2 Out of proportions and a play with different styles – that’s no exception for @escapingyouth. This combination of comic and real life photography boosts our phantasy and the loud colours do one last thing. No wonder that each composition of Natalia is a surprise and great fun.

#1 Cold colours, often blueish, wide skies, reflecting water, her own silhouette in front of a bright background and a bit of abstraction: The hallmarks of Luisa aka @hey.luisa seems recocnisably. Lightness and modernity resonate – our absolute favourite!