Summer is coming fast, raising our spirits. The sun makes us happy and increases our serotonin level, we enjoy, we explore and we’re just having a good mood. In order to indulge us with your wonderful moments of happiness, this month we’ve asked you about the places to which you connect happiness or where you’re feeling it – your #thishappyspace. With all your submissions you have created a flood of happiness for us and to give the rest of the world the same joy, we collected our Top10.

Together with others. That you can find happiness not only in a place but especially with friends and your favourite people, is seen in the pictures of @blnlove (cover photo) and @augenbl.icke who enjoy taking photos together in nature, the happiness and welcome it with open arms.

Ice cream for breakfast – why not?! With about 20 degrees in the morning, you can allow yourself to such a treat, like @foxupnorth. Who said sweets do not make you happy, but just fat?

@simone_wit shows us that #thishappyspace really doesn’t have to be spacious. If you know what you want and what you need, you can find cosiness and happiness even in the smallest space.

Memories are always moments and places of happiness. Who doesn’t know that feeling when you’re remembering the last holiday in Italy, like @ahintofcyn, instantly get in a good mood again, having a big smile accompany you for the rest of the day.

Of course, a bit of a cliché should not be missing – white sand, crystal clear water and palm trees – for many the symbol of a place of happiness. And with pictures like these from @anamarques210376 and @taketw0, you can definitely understand why.

Holidays are an oasis of happiness for everyone, including @in_somnia_, who had a very special travel experience at Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco.

A tree house would be an absolute highlight for us – just the idea of such a place, and the view it would offer, makes our hearts beat faster. @bergermargaret was lucky enough to have this experience.

Of course, happiness can also be reached by simply enjoying the beautiful weather and by taking the day as it is, following the spirit of “Carpe Diem”. @silvanamangana shows how to do so.

Are you still looking for your happiness? Take a look at our #awalkthrough Milan, maybe you will find it there. Or are you more the type who finds it while strolling and browsing through shops? An #awesomeshop could be the right address for you. Have you already found your happiness? In that case, you can still share it with us! We are always curious. Otherwise, we’re wishing you a nice start into the summer and are looking forward to a sunny June with you all!