What is actually happening in November? The golden october is gone and the christmas time is coming. But in between? It seems like, there is something missing in November.
And so are the colours in our monthly challenge. But this is what makes the pictures pleasant and interesting. The decent shades of grey are not agressive. These pictures don’t scream, they whisper. And that forces us to listen more closely, or in this case: take a closer look.

This photo from @sth_good are a good example for how different and exciting greyscales can be. In her gallery you can find arcitecture from interesting cities around Europe. She likes to be experimental with perspective, symmethry and minimalism.

Usually, @s_timmung likes to play with colour accents. In this shot he concentraits on a decent grey and created an impressive picture.

Z #WHPpatterns

A photo posted by Sebastian Timm (@s_timmung) on

@__schorschi__ likes to catch the vastness of nature in his pictures. Here in a very gentle colour scheme.

With @anh.yeong it seems like she dedicated her whole Style to our topic. A mystic grey draws through her pictures.

The shots from@aufzehengehen are extraordinary. It is totally worth dropping by.

Kein Blatt vor die Hand nehmen.

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@dan_petermann’s gallery is full of pictures that makes us wanna travel around the world. Even to places with waether likes this.

@mendocaost has a big talent for catching movement in a photo. Without mercy, he forces us to look twice.

With this Picture @myosotisjewelery made us smile. Pigeons are the kings of greyscale.

@cat_gericke captured the effect of fog perfectly. It seems to connect everything and works like a natural blotter