We agree – autumn deserves more attention! To make it even easier for you to say goodbye to summer, this month we are looking for your most beautiful photos with colourful motifs as additions for the next catalogue. Whether it’s cute animals, pastel colour plays, minimalistic pictures of flowers, beaches, cars or other fun stuff – we are looking for everything that is elegant, unique, playful, fresh, delicate, game changing or endearing. Get inspired by our current designs and tag your pictures with #colourgreetings on Instagram if you think your photo should be part of our next collection!

You might wonder why it’s the colours we are so passionate about. Well, we are looking for the most beautiful colours for our new products because colours are inseparable from our feelings and emotions. Did you know, for example, that a gentle blue radiates calmness and stability, and hues of pink have the ability to soothe the nerves? No wonder that these colours are so popular! To get you in the right mood for the challenge, we have gathered more interesting facts about colour below:

C o l o u r f u l   F u n   F a c t s 

  1. First of all, colours are optical stimuli for our brains. They are created by different wavelengths of light which means colour is only perceived as such and is a highly subjective impression. By the way – you can see all visible wavelenghts of the light in the colours of a rainbow!
  2. Allegedly, the taste of the food depends on the colour of the dishes. For example, hot chocolate tastes best from orange or cream coloured cups and coffee best from brown ones.
  3. Yellow and orange are not recommended to be used in kitchens as they are known as appetite stimulators. Does anyone feel like fries?
  4. According to various studies from all over the world, blue is the favourite colour of 40% of the population.
  5. Statistics show that white is the safest colour for cars because white cars are most visible in all weather conditions except for snowfall. In second place are silver cars, which are less visible in heavy rain and fog.
  6.  While black is the absence of all colour and therefore (according to the additive colour theory) not a colour at all, white is the mix of all colours and thus a colour.
  7. Chromophobia, also known as chromatophobia, is the irrational fear of colour.
  8. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg chose the colour blue for his social network because he suffers from a red-green weakness.
  9. 29% of companies around the world use red in their branding because the signal colour attracts attention and symbolizes strength, courage and vigour.
  10. It is widely accepted that there is no single English word which is a true rhyme for the word orange.