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Talking about capitals… we collected some of the best Instagram photos of cities by the sea. Some of them are actually capitals, others are our secret capitals/favourite cities. Here’s our top 10:

#10 Reykjavik from above, roofs covered with snow, beautiful sunset colours above the Atlantic ocean and an iceberg on the right. The Icelandic capital is not a stereotypical “city by the sea”, the rough climate and wild nature surrounding it, captured by Instagrammer Harriet Megson, is unique about Reykjavik.

#9 Istanbul through the lens of Ece Karagüllüs camera. The photo shows a typical scene – fishermen waiting and hoping for a good catch. Behind them one can spot the silhouette of a mosque. By choosing black and white and enhancing contrasts, the photographer captures the atmosphere perfectly and creates an expressive image.

#8 Sugar Landing Spot. This cool shot by das_go shows Rio de Janeiro from a distance, overlooking the bay and a helicopter landing platform in the focus. Rio looks like the perfect metropolis; right by the ocean with a beautiful beach and green hills in the background – what more can you ask for?

#7 Oh beautiful Lisbon! Instagrammer brunographique caught this romantic scene on camera; a couple in the front, bathing in the evening sun, the saturated blue-green sea and a hint of Lisbon city in the background. What a great setting!

#6 “Let the travels begin.” This photo by mediakoo looks like a movie scene, embodying the beginning of an adventure throughout Sri Lanka, shot in the capital Colombo. The contrast between the wide sea and the crowded capital was perfectly captured. Once in a while we all should be that wide-eyed kid again and absorb the experience, just like the boy looking out the window.

#5 Where we’d rather be… Instagrammer Reisefreunde took this beautiful pic in Santa Monica, L.A. county. A blue sky, the Santa Monica mountains on the horizon, a small strip of beach to the right and a whole lot of pacific – that’s how we like it! Los Angeles seems to have the perfect balance between the hustle and bustle of city life and the relaxing and grounding beach life.

#4 Hong Kong it is! What an amazing view from the J.P. Morgan office, that Megam Kao caught on camera, overlooking some of Hong Kongs skyscrapers and the South China Sea. We wouldn’t mind such a glorious view from our office desks either…

#3 Copenhagen by the sea. The Danish capital is not only known for being the number one most liveable Nordic city but also for the beautiful scenery around Nyhavn. Instagrammer somewhereincopenhagen took this beautiful photo at the popular canal which is surrounded by the cutest colourful gabled houses in Kopenhagen. Although it’s a shot that everyone takes, we will never get sick of it!

#2 Flying so high. This photo by nathaliec136 is not exactly the typical Stockholm postcard photo, is it? The Instagrammer shot this scene in Gröna Lund, an amusement park by the sea side in the Swedish capital. This beautiful scene, the picture composition and its faded colours make us feel a little sentimental.

#1 And the winner is… mhuergao! The Instagrammer captured this overall perfect photo of Barcelona somewhere by the sea side. It’s an amazing scenery with beautiful colours and vivid stripe patterns of clouds in the sky. Barcelona is our favourite Spanish city by the sea and our secretly beloved capital too.