In October, we wanted to absorb all the colors out there, just one last time this year – so that when winter is here, we will be armed for the gray and cold. However, it wasn’t just the colors of fall that we wanted to celebrate but all of them out there. Festive colors, creative arrangements, minimalistic hues or fun photographs – we wanted to see them all! Dive into vividness with us and find our favorite #colorcelebrations down below.

One of the things we will miss most during winter? The scent of fresh flowers! That’s why we’re holding onto it with our cover picture by @bibliophile90. But we aren’t the only ones in love with colorful flowers – Juppy from @finejuppjupp also seems mesmerized!

In fact, dogs seem to enjoy the vivid sites of life just as much – just look at these two furry friends bathed in colors!

The most lovely colors can be found in surprising spots if you keep an eye out for them. @elisabethhe found them in a staircase in Hamburg, so they are surely waiting for you just around the corner.

Sometimes a whole city can be a paradise of colors – especially if we are moving south to Italy and Portugal. Thus, it’s no wonder that @annia_hu fell in love with Bosa on Sardinia and @raquelvsa wants to return to Sintra sometime soon. By the way, Sintra is also one of our favorite colorful European cities – so if you haven’t checked out our latest #awalkthrough, make sure to read it once you’re done with this one.

While these Southeuropean cities are indeed great places to dive into worlds of color, even an allegedly grey city like Berlin can surprise you with colorful elements! @detailsofberlin wonderfully captured this end of the rainbow that will last throughout all of winter.

To end this list and our celebration of color, we just had to return to the minimalistic world of @anamarques210376. If you would like to learn more about her and her photography – there is a whole block entry dedicated to her that you should definitely check out!

Which ones of these would you like to see on one of our postcards? Let us know and keep an eye out for our next challenge!