It is common knowledge that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder: What is plain and unremarkable for one person, is a genuine treasure for the other. Every day, we encounter small objects and things, or come across hidden places, that ooze beauty and this exact hiddenness, the process of discovering these places makes the new-found treasures just the more precious and personal. Nature is often times the place for these discoveries- whether they are located in enchanted forests, mysterious caves or calm shores- the following photos revolve all around hidden treasures that were discovered and captured!  

Arno_woe shows us the mysterious and adventurous side of nature by discovering light-flooded caves in Thailand.

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In_somnia_, on the other hand, captures an initially plain-appearing view of nature- a lonely, bleak tree in a grain field and a sheer endless blue sky. Calm minimalism in all its glory!

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How something completely hidden, a tiny little flower becomes the center of attention, is exemplified by mrkgrphy. On his Instagram page, he often draws attention to simple, modest banalities and captures the special kind of beauty of nature that often times goes by unnoticed.

A change of perspective can open a whole new point of view of the hidden treasures of nature. Silvanamangana shows us how: The low camera angle transforms the rose-petalled meadow into a play of colors and a scenery right out of a fairytale!

Hidden in the literal sense of the word: nathaliec136 shows that the cryptical, the mysteriousness itself can be beautiful: The fog that only allows us to guess what beautiful views hide behind, offers a new look at the faded Stockholm in the distance and the deep blue waters.

A breathtaking discovery is furthermore captured by moodulator: The beaming Gold of the late autumn sun and the calm, trusting deer form a perfectly harmonious picture and showcase once more the wonderful hidden beauty of an idyllic forest.

Michaela aka meermusik finds beauty most notably in nautical areas: In her gallery you can find wonderful minimalistic sea landscapes and desolated, idyllic places that make you feel like taking a walk on the calm sandy shores and breathe in the chilly sea breeze for yourself.

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